Sunday, September 4, 2011

Woken Up

I don't think one person in the world can say that they like being abruptly woken up in the middle of the night. Let me set you a picture. You're in your comfy, cozy, nice, not too warm but not too cool bed (since it is summer), and you're in the best/deepest sleep of the night, and BAM!!! Your phone rings. On any usual night, you would 1) ignore it and continue sleeping or 2) scream, "Shut up!!" and then go back to sleep. Number 3 rarely occurs, but if you're expecting/have the feeling it's someone important, you answer it.

Well there you have it, you have just read the situation that came upon my sleep last night. I'm in the most beautiful sleep of my sleeping career, and BAM my phone rings. I'm startled and confused, and then realize, that it could well be my Sailor, and rush to answer it before I miss the call! And you're darn right it was! I was woken up to "Good morning babe!" in his lovely voice. Yes, he is the one who LOVES to wake people up from their beauty sleep, me inparticular (rude)! He then told me to get on the computer to see if we could skype. And yes, you're darn right again, skype worked!! :D

You don't know how excited, flaborgasted, exuberant, ecstatic, and thrilled I was to not only hear his voice, but see my hubby after (almost) a month of not seeing his handsome face!!! I then didn't feel like his whole masquerade was rude, since I actually enjoyed our conversation and the whole "surprise" of it all. How could I not?!? It really is so encouraging to see for myself that he actually is doing well, then having to trust/rely that he is doing well by reading his emails.

I know I have said this before (in this post that was written while he was in A-School) but technology is my new BFF!! I mean, I know that we military wives have it so easy nowadays with modern technology and newer rules & regulations to help make deployments easier, but I just count that a blessing and not a privilege. It goes to show that God takes care of his children, even those of us who have hero's as hubby's, fighting and putting their life on the line every day for the safety and protection of our country! I count it a MAJOR blessing, actually!

While we are on the topic of blessings, I think I am due to share my current blessings:

1) I've had great contact with my Sailor; phone calls, emails, and skype dates! (By the way he is doing fabulous, still has his positive attitude, which is a great!).
2) I have a great friend here in WA; who has become my adventure buddy & lifesaver, because without her I would go nuts!
3) Baxter is a blessing (though at times he tests this). Plus he has a great mischievious friend in his brother; yeah for us (sarcasm).
4) I met one of my neighbors! (YEAH FOR PROGRESS!)
5) I have planned some outings to meet/hang out with some people I have met on support groups online for Navy-wives in the county. MAJOR blessing! God is good for providing friendship!
6) I have worked out 5 out of 7 days this week and have eaten really healthy every day. This is so awesome-blossom to me, because it's becoming routine! YEAH ME!

Also, here are some prayer requests you can keep in mind:

1) The safety of Adam on the USS John C. Stennis, always.
2) I am going to inquire about some jobs on base, so please pray that God will lead me where He needs me.
3) That I continue to step outside of my comfort zone and reach out to my neighbors and meet new people.
4) That I feel the need to want to read my Bible every day, not the feeling of having to.

I am so glad that I got a great start to this brand-new week that the Lord has blessed me with; so greatefully! I know it's gonna be a good one! By the way, I can honestly and truly say that I can be that one person you know who likes to be abruptly woken up in the morning; especially when it's my hubby!!! I just love, love, love, love, love him! ♥ ♥

Hope you can find the positives in any negatives that come your way this week! :D

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