Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm really counting my blessings right now. Sometimes, we get caught in a rut, not realizing all that we have and begin to take advantage of it. With this kind of view, one begins to see a privilege as a right, thus causing expectations. This has been my case the last couple of days, however, I got a reality and humility check. I have so much to be thankful for. There are always going to be days where the devil will try to use things, people, events, to try and bring you down and make you believe that God is not on your side, but you've just got to learn to not give in and not believe his lies.

This reminds me of one of my favorite Jeremy Camp songs. I mean, I have a whole list of my favorite Jeremy Camp songs, but this one is close to the top. I know I have already talked about him before, but his songs are so uplifting, motivational, and inspiring, plus the song fits with how I've been feeling lately. It's called Everytime. The chorus and bridge of the song are my favorites. Here, they are (or you can listen to the song here).

Everytime I'm on my knees
Pleading for Your strength
I will find You there
Find You there
Everytime I'm on my knees
Reaching for Your strength
I will find You there
Find You there

I'm holding on to this hope I've been given
To be always with You
I'm seeing now that this fullness of faith is always seeking You

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The song is a great reminder that eveytime we find ourselves in a circumstance where we feel lost, God will find us there, meet us, and satisfy our needs. How awesome is that reminder?!? That's why I just love listening to this very good song!

The communication I've had with Adam has been so great. We email every day, he calls me every two weeks (give or take) and we get to skype whenever they are in port. How amazing is that?!? This has become the usual, and I'm very ok with that, but it's easy to forget that it's a blessing. There are some days when Adam's not allowed to communicate, the phone connection is static-y, or the call is lost. It's so easy to let that one day of no communication or lack of good phone connection bring you down and forget that it's amazing that we get this much communication. I feel as though I have been pretty darn patient with everything so far, and I'm pretty understanding about things like this, I mean, who can really rely on technology? However, no matter who you are, the situation is frustrating. Adam reminded me that it's a blessing that we even get to communicate at all, and he's absolutely right! It's not a guaranteed right that I get to communicate with my Sailor, I sure do wish!, it's absolutely, 100%, a privilege, and I'll take whatever I can get! I really don't know how World War II Sailor's wives handled the lack of or NO communication. I mean, that would make it a lot harder!!

Current Blessings:
1) I have a husband who is loving, caring, motivating, and encouraging even while he is thousands of miles away. ♥ him!
2) I have had good communication with Adam the last two weeks. Regular emails, three calls this week, and received a package from him last week. :)
3) I have joined a bible study at the church I am now attending, and all the girls are so sweet and welcoming.
4) I have more than just one friend here now!! Yeah!
5) This girl has a new, single digit mile time of 9:56!! :)
6) I have a loving family (on both sides), who are supporting Adam and I all throughout this new journey. I found out this week that my parents, brother, and Cooney grandparents are flying up here for 10 days during Thanksgiving! WOO-HOO! This excites me!
7) Baxter. He's a blessing to have around and keep me company. He makes me laugh, with his goofy and playful personality. And from my last post you all know that he's now walking pretty well on the leash, which means that there are long walks waiting for us in our near future.
8) I'm feeling very healthy, by being active and eating well.
9) I've been expanding my recipe books and making some pretty yummy meals. The goal is to learn a lot of really healthy, but yummy meals before Adam gets home, so I can spoil him with some great home-cookin'!!! :D
10)Adam did a shoutout video for me!!!! :D You can view it here on youtube. It's short and sweet, but straight to the point. Aww this made my week, probably the rest of my month, too!!! Ps. Isn't he lookin' so good!! :D

Happy week to you all! Remember that God will find you, when you find yourself on your knees.

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