Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Excited Happenings

There's a lot of excited things going one in the next couple of months that I very much looking forward to. Here's the excited line-up of fun events going on in my life:

1)This last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my college room-mates Joanna, in Seattle while she was in town visiting her brother. We had a pleasant visit catching up on our lives.

2) This weekend I am going to visit one of my mom's closest friends from high school, who lives 45 minutes away, who I have been promising to get together with since I've gotten settled in. I'm excited to meet up with them and see their beautiful home, from what I hear.

3) Then on November 4th (cannot believe it's going to be November already! Yeah for time flying by!!) my good friend Christine is coming up here to visit some family and is gracing me with her presence! Can't wait to see her, and of course Josiah, who's she's bringing along.

4) The next weekend I have a half way party to attend with fellow Stennis wives. Will be exciting to see Adam's shoutout video. He did one before the FB one, that will be on display at this event (which is the only reason why I'm going). :)

5) The following week is the Twilight premiere!!!! Yeah for rational reasons (in my opinion, maybe not yours) to actually stay up late!! Cannot wait!

6) Then the day after the premiere my family will be here for a week and a half!! WOO-HOO for company!!!

7) Three weeks later I leave for Cali for three whole weeks.

Isn't time just flying by. I'm glad I have these events to look forward to and keep my mind distracted.

PS: If you want to make it on the list, just let me know :)

Here's the view I had from the ferry ride home from Seattle.

Isn't Seattle so beautiful at night?!?


  1. I reallllly wana go to Seattle its SO pretty!! and yay for being busy it really does help :)

  2. Seattle is crazy, but fun. Business is a great distraction!

  3. i'm glad you got a lot goin on, sounds like fun :) I really hope to get up there for a visit!