Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Is Here

Halloween has never been a big rave in the Cooney Family. We never watched scary movies for weeks leading up to Halloween or decorated the house with witches, zombies, mummies, tombstones, and ghosts. We never waited all year long for Halloween (maybe for candy that lasted you for weeks, but that's it). My mom never wanted to eccentrate the scary and mystical aspects of the "holiday," so we always just had an ordinary day, with the highlight bein trick-or-treating, and I appreciate that now that I'm older. With all that said and done, I do want to say


Today I offcially washed and put away my Halloween hand towels and brought out my Fall ones. So the AJ Zickefoose household is officially all ready for Fall. One thing that I really am appreciating about Washington, is that it accentuates all the seasons. I mean, the leaves change colors, it rains, and the weather is cold. This all really means: you can snuggle up in sweats and blankets on the couch, while sippin' on a hot drink and listenin' to it rain outside, and eat a warmer meal for dinner to warm yourself up. I just love that! However, it has been pretty cold here, that I have been finding myself California Dreamin, of that lovely California sun. I'll always be a California girl at heart! ♥


*Brought Out*

Baxter is also enjoying the season of Fall, because there are SO many leaves that he can play with/consume. I mean, when we first got him, the weather was so nice, but there would only be an occasional leaf in our backyard that he would chase around and have the time of his life doing so. Now that the leaves are off the trees, and all flew into our backyard, Baxter doesn't have to fight for that one leaf, because they are ALL IN OUR BACKYARD!! He even brings them inside without me knowing/realizing/paying attention. I looked at the living room carpet today and was like "How in the world did all these leaves get in here, and how did I not realize it before!?!" And then I ran off to tell this sentence to Baxter, who just looked at me and confirmed my sanity issues. Just to prove to you that he does love leaves, check out these Fall Baxter photos (I'm going to try and get better photos soon, it is SO hard to take pictures of a puppy. Yeesh).

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