Monday, October 10, 2011

It Pleases You

Every winter, when I was in junior high and high school, my church youth group would go up to Big Bear for winter camp. It was tradition and something that you looked forward to every winter. At the "camp" there would always be a band that would lead worship for the whole weekend, and every year it would be a different band. One winter we were blessed to have a small band from Riverside lead us in worship for the weekend, and their name was Moi. After the camp, I couldn't depart from their music, so I bought their cd. One of their songs has remained close to my heart after all these years, because it touched me so dearly and taught me something new about my faith. The song is called "It Pleases You." It's a very simple song, with just one verse and a chorus that is repeated, but don't be fooled, there is a lot jammed-packed in this song. I highly recommend you listen to it here, but I also wrote down their lyrics from their song below.

It Pleases You

I come tonight,
To yield my right.
I give you my life
As a gift of offering,
Like the one that you gave me.

It may not make a difference.
It may not change a single life.
It may not move a single stone.

But it pleases you.
It pleases you. X 3
Woah cause it pleases you I come X 2


Is is not simplistically beautiful?!? This song teaches me everything I need to know about having "faith." We're not called to do things without a purpose. Everything we do, there is a reason behind it. We don't tell others about God's kingdom because we have to. NO. Because it pleases Him. God may not have chosen for me to live such a powerful and convicting life like he has others. For example, Abraham, Moses, Paul, David, Job, Samuel, any of the disciples, Martin Luther King, Jr, Mother Theresa, or anybody else you want to add to this list. Although I may live my whole life just being "Jasmine;" going to church, tithing, caring for people in need, being hospitable, telling people about Jesus and the glory of His kingdom, believing that God died for our sins, and trusting and relying on Him 100%, that's fine by me, because it's pleasing to Him. It's not about me or us in any way, shape, or form. We are called to "Take up our cross daily and follow Him," Luke 9:23. Our life on Earth is not about how much we can end up with before we die. None of that is going to matter, so why bother? No. We are called to be better than that, to offer our lives as a sacrifice to Him. And why? Because it's pleasing to Him. Period. Bottom line. God cared enough about me, to create me and He has called me to share with others about the goodness of His kingdom, and I'm called to do this because it's pleasing to Him. Even if I just change one person's life, that will be enough. It's not about the numbers. It's about the act of giving our life to God, so He can use it how He has planned.

Some of us are called to be Moses' and Abrahams, the world needs those kind of people with those kind of characteristics and traits. But for all the rest of us, we are called to do different things. Some are called to be doctors, missionaries, teachers, lawyers, or yoga instructors. It does not matter what your title or position is, what matters is that you know that you can make a difference no matter what you are called to be. Don't try to be a David, if you are called to be "____________" (fill in your name there). None of us should feel bad if we feel like we aren't making a humongeous impact. You may live your whole life never "feeling" as if you ever made an impact, but that's not the point. Be who God made you to be, nothing less, and that will be pleasing to Him. God can use anyone. All He wants from you is your heart. You just have to be willing to give it to Him to use. Are you willing?

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