Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snoqualmie Falls

There's nothing like being outdoors in nature, witnessing God's beauty firsthand. However, there is something else that is better: enjoying it with other people, especially family; now that's fun. I was excited when Adam's Aunt and Uncle invited me to go with them to the Snoqualmie Falls up here in Washington. I had heard of them before, but never have been. I was looking forward to our day trip, and was excited to leave my house early Sunday morning. The view was breath-taking, let alone the atmosphere. Feeling the mist from the waterfall on your face, to hearing the sound of rushing water, to seeing the little bit of sun that was out in the sky reflecting off of the water; all added to its beauty. After we explored the waterfall from different angles, we headed to the town of Snoqualmie and took a little train ride that goes past the waterfalls and past the town in the other direction, too. You forget how the small things in life can really bring pleasure to small children. It was a delight to witness their excitement. It all made for a lovely day. I sure do hope I am invited on more adventures with them, too (hint, hint). This place is something that Adam would enjoy when he comes back home, so I know I'll be seeing this again. Please enjoy the beauty we got to witness this day.

*In the town of Snoqualmie*

*The kids second favorite part of the day: digging with sticks*

*A view of the river from the train ride*


  1. those photographs are so beautiful. My sister and I want to take a road trip up north that way next summer. I would love to visit you guys. :D