Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stepping Out

This week I didn't encounter anything that would similate a laugh or anything close to it. I surprisingly had a "normal" week. Although you may still be surprised that the post is still labeled under "Saturday Laughs," when I first started this post, I did say that I would document all the funny moments and struggles, as well as the good times that I experience while Adam is gone on deployment, through these posts. So today I have one of those moments to share that I am happy to share didn't cause frustration or anything close to it.

Yesterday there was a women's event at the church that I have been attending. It was a Women's Fall Tea, where an international author came to share of her exciting stories of how God is using women all around the world to impact and change the world. I knew I wanted to go to the event when I first saw it in the bulletin, but the thing that was keeping me from going was the fact that I only know one person at the church, Demi, and she doesn't even count (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean). Although I was hesitant to sign up since I knew she wouldn't be able to go because she works nights, I signed up anyway. The church has a cool system where you can register and pay for events online through their website. So early in the week I registered and paid online for the event, knowing that I wouldn't want to back out since I already had paid the fee. Although it was really intimidating to go by myself, I was really glad I went. All the ladies that sat with me at my table were so nice, and really made it a point to talk to me and get to know me, and most importantly, to make me feel comfortable. All the ladies who sat at my table belonged to the same bible study and they invited me to join their bible study this next week. Low and behold, it meets right down the street from me; imagine that. Coincidence or not, I say so!

All-in-all I am happy that I went to the tea. It's not that I am happy that I went, it's that I'm happy that I fought the urge to go. I could have just not gone and said "It was only $10, no biggie." However, I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and made it appoint to try something that I wouldn't normally do by myself. Slowly, but ever so surely, I am starting to come to turns with my decision to move up here and get settled in without Adam. I've come to think that when you're vulnerable, God can easily direct you to places He wants you to be. I hope I continue to rely on God's strength to step out and see what's out here for me in Bremerton.

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