Saturday, October 15, 2011

We're Walking Along

We're strumming along on this deployment people!! YEAH!! On another note, in a desperate search to keep up with my Saturday themed posts, I finally thought of something worthy of a Satuday Laugh. My Baxter boy is finally stepping into that big boy criteria, as he can now walk on the leash pretty well during a walk. The weather has been really nice this past week, therefore, we've gone on more walks. Although he still doesn't like for me to put the leash on him (he acts like I'm sending him to a doggy Dachau), he's doing really well during our walks! When we first got him, he would have about 2-3 panic attacks where he would randomly start jumping around every which way, therefore getting slammed into the curb and sidewalk on his own doing. But all that aside, he's now a champ!! Yeah for more walks coming our way! Thanks for letting me share his sill update with you. But wait, you need a picture for proof!

Happy Weekend to you all :D

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