Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lessons From Preschool

Since Adam and I have to be away from each other for the holidays this year, I'm trying to do things that will make it easier on the both of us, especially since it's the first time for us to be apart from each other. For his Thanksgiving package I wanted to truly remind the both of us the reason behind Thanksgiving is truly to reflect back on all that you have to be thankful for. With that being said, I sent him a rather interesting assortment of items in his Thanksgiving care package. When I was volunteering for Dabury Elementary School in the preschool class, one of the crafts I helped the kids make was a Turkey. You're thinking, "Duh. Of Course!" But it wasn't only a Turkey, it was a Thankful Turkey, where the each wing represents something you are thankful for in your life. My main job in helping the kids with this craft was to help them come up with things in their life they are thankful for. Let me tell you, that was a tough job! A lot of the kids didn't understand the concept of being thankful. Let's just say that their thankfulness was very simpel and vague, which is definitely ok, since they were just preschoolers. However, it reminded me that we need to learn this concept of thankfulness when we're young. It's a concept that can't be learned early enough.

So, taking this craft and lesson I learned through helping the preschoolers, I thought I would go back to basic "old school" crafts 101, to remind Adam of everything that we have in our lives to be thankful for, despite our circumstances.

*I took the layout of this Turkey*

*And used the idea of Thankful wings from this Turkey*

I forgot to take a picture of my finished Turkey, darn it, but it came out cute I promise!

In the same package, I also sent him an idea that I had gotten from my mother in law, who had gotten it from FB. I had sent Adam Brownies in a jar, but I never thought of sending him cake in a jar, that you actually make in the jar and put right in the oven! GENIOUS!! So I tried it out for this package. It came out amazing and was SO easy! Once Adam received the package, he actually said the cake was still moist, and it had been 3 weeks!! (Although it would have been better if I had sent a small tube of icing. Wasn't thinking right). Of course I sent it to him with a Thanksgiving napkin!

*My results*

The rest of his care package consisted of other "favorite items" of his, like Propel Packets, Mike & Ikes, and of course pictures.

I also wanted to do something special for a Sailor who hadn't gotten much mail. So I asked Adam for a list of names, and chose one on the list at random, and gave the others to my mom and grandma who had items donated to them from church, work, and my mom's class. We were surprised at how much was donated! It was so nice to see people care for our military! I asked Adam for some ideas, but then came up with most of this on my own. I also made it complete with an encouraging note and a bible verse. I did a very simple one, since I didn't want to spend too much money. I was very surprised to hear from Adam that the guy had received my package 2 weeks ago and LOVED it. He needed some of the personal items I sent, and also loved the encouraging note I sent. He said that other guys asked why I hadn't sent them something. That delighted me, but maybe another time!

*A Sailor's package*

All of these kind gestures and reflecting back on things in our lives that we can be Thankful for, can all be learned way back in Preschool. Imagine that! :D

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