Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Refreshing Visit

Sorry I've been a little scarce with my blog posts lately, but as I said in this post, my family has been with me here in WA for the past week and a half, and I was soaking up every opportunity to spend time with them. It was their first visit to our home in WA. So I'm back because they have left me early, early, early this morning. Here is an over-view of our time together.

The first place I took my family was to Poulsbo, the little Norweigian town that I've already blogged about before. It's a small town, but the best part about it is one of their bakery's, Sluy's.

IT IS SO GOOD!!! This was their favorite part of the whole trip! :D

The next day, we went to Snoqualmie Falls. It was a short trip, but they absolutely loved the beauty of it.

*Love Nature!*

*Baxter got to go with us!*

*Poor Bax was shivering it was so cold!*

Next we traveled on the lovely ferry to Seattle, IN THE POURING RAIN! Gotta love WA! we all felt like a good and hearty bowl of Clam Chowder, and ate at Ivars.

*It was scrumpcious!*

*Then we headed on over to Pike's Place*

The next day was a casual day, since we were tired from the previous days. Adam needed a few things, so I prepared a Christmas package and sent it to him the following day. Before I sent it out, however, I thought that it would be nice for everyone to write a card or a thoughtful note to him.

*Adam's Christmas Cards*

The next day was Thanksgiving, so of course the lady's cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

*The Table*

*Traditional Cooney Thanksgiving meal: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and stuffing. It was good and gave me lots of leftovers for the winter!*

We heard on the news that Friday would be the best weather of the week, so we planned a roadtrip around the Western Pennisula (around Olympic National Park), which is something that my brother wanted to do, and me as well. It was all of our first time in this part of Washington, except for my dad. Let me tell you, it was a L.O.N.G. day being in the car, but the sites we stopped at were well worth the drive! I have lots of pictures that I will post in another blog, but here are a few.

*Our first view of Olympic National Park. LOVELY!!*

*Lake Crescent*

*We also saw a Bald Eagle on this pit stop!!*

*1st Beach in La Push. Yes, Baxter came with us this day, too!*

*Yes, I made my family stop at Forks. I couldn't pass up this opportunity!*

*Ruby Beach*

We also drove through the Hoh Rainforest, which was beautiful, but pictures really didn't capture it's beauty. It was very beautiful, and very green!

The day after that long, long day, we had another very casual day. We didn't do much, but we went to one of the many Naval musuems in town, which Adam had told me had a lot of stuff from the Stennis there. So there we went on Saturday. To our surprise, almost the whole 2nd floor of the musuem had stuff from the Stennis. There was a really cool interactive touch screen T.V. which displayed the whole ship. You could touch any section of the ship and it would show/explain that department. It was very interesting! It had anchors, knots, gear, and even a display of the bunks that you could crawl into-which isn't easy by the way!

*Where my other half is*

*A display of the flight deck*

*Me in a berthing rack*

Sunday was my brother's last day with us, because he had to get back home on Monday for a Grad-School interview, so before we took him to the airport, we went one last time to Seattle. This time we just went down to the Space Needle and walked around over there. It was a very short trip, but we still had fun.

*Space Needle*

On Monday we stayed at my house and put up Christmas decorations, de-boned the Turkey (which I learned is no fun), and watched the Season Finale of The Sing Off- YEAH FOR PENTATONIX, again!! :D

Overall, it was a good trip. We all had fun together. It was fun to be a host to my family. I loved cooking meals for them (which will be a whole separate blog for all the yummy meals I prepared) and showering them with love in our home. It was a little sad to wake up to an empty house, but I'll be back in Cali very soon!


  1. If you liked Poulsbo then you'd probably enjoy Leavenworth, its a Bavarian Village (sorta in the middle of the state, about 3 1/2 hours from you). Very cute little place. I see a weekend getaway with Adam there in your future. :D

  2. Cool. I'll have to add Leavenworth to our adventure list!