Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Bunch of Randomness

One thing that I always have loved about Adam is how random he is. Whether it's when we're talking and he'll say something that's so random you just have to chuckle, to what he sends me home from ports. After they took port in Bahrain, I posted everything he sent me in this post. (Hasn't the wall gotten so much better since I first decorated the house!!??!!). This time it's just the same level of random, which I absolutely don't mind! This time I received, drum roll please.......

A pair of workout pants, a pair of slippers and a beanie that someone had knitted and stiched for the sailors, a magnet for our endless collection for the refrigerator, a 9mm bullet case, coins from Bahrain, spare U.S. coins he had, a sticker, and a card.

Who would have guessed all this stuff would be together in one package? But yes, they can be! The only thing that went up on the wall was the sticker, which actually really completes that section of the wall. Here is what the wall looks like now:

*Side angle of the wall. Yes, if you were wondering, I did move the couch back more.*

*A better view*

*A close up of the new additions. We had the license plate for awhile. I randomly found it in the shed (don't have a clue why it was out there) and put it on the wall last week. The Ammunition Far Side sticker fills in the gap nicely that was there before. Ammunition Far Side is posted in every magazine on the ship that has live ammunition. No, our house does not have live ammunition, it's just cute!*

Adam's utter randomness always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face! :D

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