Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Spirit

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas at the AJ Zickefoose household! Last year was technically, I mean was, our first Christmas together as Mr. & Mrs. Zickefoose, however, we didn't get to decorate or start any traditions of our own because we were moving out of our apartment and packing up boxes. And nope, I didn't want to put any up, just to take them down. So, this year is technically our first Christmas together, and it means a lot to me to decorate this year. It's hard to be away from Adam during this time, but we're trying to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus' birth, than what we so often think it is, being with family (more on that in another blog).

I don't have much decorations, but I did have a lot of leftover garland from my wedding and even still from my bedroom project! Imagine that!!! Of course the rest of it was used to decorate for Christmas. Again, SO glad that I saved all of that! I am also glad that I bought some more Christmas decorations on the day-after Christmas sale last year, because I got outdoor and indoor lights for a great price, some red string beads, and a few of my favorite Blossom Bucket figurines from the Christian book store. I am going to get a few more decorations this year on the sales. What I'm going to do is leave up the decorations until after Adam gets home, and then we will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the Superbowl together (all the holidays we missed together). I'm super excited for that!!!

As I stated in this blog, where I recapped my family's Thanksgiving visit, I had mentioned that on their last day here they all helped me put up my Christmas decorations. My dad put up the lights in the front and back of the house, and I decorated in the living room and kitchen, with some assistance from my Grandma and Mom. Later on in the week I decorated from tips that I got in Good Housekeeping last year. I had been waiting to try some of them out, and I am excited with the results! Here is a look at what the house looks like from the outside in. Enjoy the virtual tour!


*Front of house*

*Back of house*


*I pulled out the Christmas handtowels*

*If you loook closer, I also changed the scrabble phrase, from Have Faith to Have joy (something very important when missing your hubby during the holidays)*

*Kitchen window*


*Dining room window (I think I am going to leave this up all year; I love it!)*

*Cabinets: I liked the idea of keeping Christmas cards from the years and posting them up every Christmas. I filled up the front of the dining room cabinets, and with the ones I get this year, I'm going to put them on the same cabinets but in the kitchen. Hanging the candy canes with cute Christmas ribbon was the idea I got from Good Housekeeping. Don't you like it?!? It's such a simple way to add festvity to your home.*

*Above Cabinets (A better look at the Christmas Card idea)*


*T.V. stand: yes, the T.V. is waiting for me to get back to my movie ;)*

*A close-up of the garland and the red beaded string. Looks a lot like holly!*

*Our first ever Christmas Tree!!*

*Manger scene*


*Toilet: Some of my new Blossom Bucket figurines; perfect reminders of the true meaning of Christmas!*

*Shelf: Yet another true reminder of what Christmas really means! (you see I need them EVERYWHERE, even in the bathroom!!)*

You probably are asking yourself, why didn't you show the kitchen table or the front door? As I stated previously, since I am going to be leaving up Christmas decorations for awhile, I am going to do little craft projects in the next couple of months to add to the look in the house this year and to also have around for future Christmas'. I will be putting together a table decoration within the next couple of months and for something to hang on the front door, hopefully before I leave for Cali.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour of our house all dolled up for Christmas! Check in with me later to see some more Christmas projects I endeavor on. Now all that's left for me to do tonight is watch Elf and sip on some hot chocolate. Nothing says enjoying the holidays than watching Elf!

*Elf + Hot Chocolate + puppy snuggles = a recipe for a great holiday night! (couldn't put the puppy on the counter. Sorry!)*

Happy Holidays!!

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