Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tree, Take #2

I experienced for the first time, not a Christmas miracle, but rather a Christmas disaster. Let me explain.

As I stated in the post that I wrote yesterday, I said that I finally found the Christmas tree at a decent price, that just swept me off of my feet. WRONG!!!! It swept itself off of its feet. Meaning, it fell over. Yes, you heard me 100% correctly. IT FELL OVER.

I ended yesterday's post by saying that I was heading off to watch Elf, while sippin' on some lovely hot chocolate. Well the movie was great as usual, but the ending was different this time. Instead of me ending with a happy spirit, it ended with me watching my tree fall down, my dog barking crazy as he thinks there's robbers in the house, and me dazed and confused sitting on the couch. I have to say that that is not the ending that I'm used to!! However, that's the ending that I got. So I did what every normal person would do and took 5 minutes to breathe in and out REAL HARD before I even got up off the couch, realizing that I didn't just dream and that my tree really did fall over! Fortunatley, only some of my ornaments got broken, not all of them. I decided right then and there that I have had it with Rite Aid and immediately boxed up the tree and all its components, and picked up the broken ornaments and threw them away.

So today after church I headed on over to Walmart to take a look at their seletion of pre-lit fake trees, around 6 feet. So glad I went there, I got one for the same price, for .5 feet taller. So I took it home, set it up, and decorated it. I carefully stepped back, and it was still there! Woo-hoo! So here is how are tree looks, for realzies this time (hopefully there are no more trees to have to deal with, although I am an EXCELLENT tree put togetherer now!!).
*Our Christmas tree. It better last us years!!!!*

So I have come to realization, that the positive side to this story is that I got to decorate a Christmas tree 2 times in one season. Not many other people get the opportunity to do that. (I know, that is a stretch :) I'm just glad that I can laugh about this now, maybe sorta kinda laugh. I do like this one better, for the reason of the clear lights and not the multi-color, and it looks fuller. I guess it was good that try fell over. Maybe a little.

I hope no one else is experiencing any Christmas disasters, too!


  1. oh my goodness!!!! LOL well decorating the tree is always my favorite part and it sounds like you enjoy it so its not TOOOOOO much of a stretch hahah!!! I love having a real tree...butttttttt those premade ones with the lights already on ARE SO FREAKING EASY SUCH a time saver!!!don't have to worry about getting rid of it, pine needles, it catching on fire from getting to dry...super easy I decorate a real one with my parents and a fake at my Grandmas...both experiences are awesome! and your tree looks LOVELY!!!! Merry Christmas!