Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zickefoose Suites

With the busy-ness of me preparing our house and then "office/craft room" into "guest bed room/office/craft room," I never posted pics of what it looks like now. Actually, I never posted pics to begin with of this room, because for awhile there, it was just the host room to a bunch of random boxes/things/junk that I was waiting to either sort through, get rid of, or find a home for. To be quite frank, I was just neglecting to deal with this room, besides the office space. SO, I never posted pics, because I didn't want anyone to see the clutter. But back to my original statement, when I knew for sure that my family was coming up here for Thanksgiving, I knew that that added a whole new urgency to dealing with this room. So, I cracked the whip and made it my top priority. I got a queen size bed/bed frame, and a comforter and sheets for the room. I must have specific taste when it comes to certain things, because it took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to decide on a comforter. Actually, my original plan was to move the hand-me-down metal bed fram that we got from one of Adam's old neighbors that we were using on our bed to the guest bedroom, and we would get a new bed set for our room. Yeah, that plan didn't work at all, or at least for right now. I could NOT for the life of me find any bed set that I liked. Whether it was the color, to the look, to the price (!!), none suited me. So I just told myself in an Italian accent, "Forget about it," and I'll deal with it later or when I see one I like at a reasonable price. So I moved to plan B, which was to just buy a metal bed frame for the guest bed and a new comforter. Um, that plan almost failed too!! It took me a good whole week of searching online and in stores, over and over and over, for me to finally decide on one that I'm not 100% about, but for the price, I was just over the endless "will I ever find what I actually am looking for" search.

So this is what the guest bed looks like. I finally decided on this Navy Blue plain comforter from Target, with Yellow accented sheets and blanket, also from Target. I love the yellow, but wouldn't have necessarily chosen the blue, however I do like them together. I like blue, but just not this dark for a room. We'll see what exactly I do with it.

*Zickefoose Guest Bedroom Suite. (Of course Baxter had to be in the picture!)*

If you are asking yourself, man this room looks plain. I would laugh and say, "I just got the bed and the comforter, and it took me forever just to do that, do you think I wanted to deal with decorations too??!!??" Really I would say that. Half of the problem is that half of the room has my craft/sewing table, desk, and filing cabinet, which rests against the wall with the window. I'm thinking that I will decorate the room with California memorabilia. I have been searching at antique shops up here for some, and I come out of luck every time. I'm gonna do some searching around when I visit back home, in a week and a half!!

Well, now that I have somewhat dealt with this spare bedroom, and have had some visitors stay in it and give it a whirl, the bedding is all washed and ready for my next visitors (of course after I get back from visiting Cali)!!! You can stay in the Zickefoose suite any time! Just call ahead for reservations! I'll need about a day max-30 minutes at least notice. If your're extra special, just surprise me! :D

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