Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cleaning House

Being that there has been only one person (me) and one pooch (Baxter) living at our house, there's not a whole lot of "deep" cleaning that's necessary. Meaning, it's hard for one person to dirty up a house to the point you need to do a thorough cleaning of everything. So, today was the day. I was up to date on washing dishes, just not putting them away. So every inch of the house got cleaned, even underneath the microwave!!

As I stated in a prior post, I don't make resolutions, I just make a mental list of things I would like to work better on, but don't really think of them as resolutions (because then you are preparing yourself to fail). One of the areas I want to improve on is being frugal. Now, if any of you know Adam, we got that area covered pretty well. I'm frugal too in a lot of ways, but there are certain things I just think we could do in a cheaper way. For instance, buying chemicals that are over-priced, in particularly, mop solutions and all-purpose cleaners. Once I run out of the supply that I've had for awhile, I am going to start making them myself. Also, I need to do better at keeping track of coupons I have. I'm usually pretty good at this, but today when I was at the store, I had to throw away a bunch of good coupons that expired at the end of December. Umm, why did these brands have to have a sale now? And why didn't I notice all these coupons? It was like 15 coupons! Mad at myself for that. Could have gotten some good sales today. Oh well. You live and learn. Right?

Today was a trial run of an all-purpose cleaner that is good for the floors. So I made the solution in the sink, dipped my towel into the solution, and got on my hands and knees and cleaned all the tile areas in the house (kitchen, dining room, entry way, bathroom, and laundry room). It came out good and worked wonders!! I got handed down a clorox mop (kind of like a swiffer, but it comes with a resolution) and it cleans really well, but the solution leaves the floor sticky. Not this one. I'm satisfied. If you're interested in the solution, here are the 4 ingredients:

All-Purpose Cleaner:
1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup rubbing alcohol
9 drops of your preferred dish-soap

Since I doubled the "recipe" this cost me $2.85 (I'm not calculating in the dish soap, that would be rediculous.). I didn't want to put it in a spray bottle, since I was using it for only the floors this time, but my floors were really dirty due to Baxter being sick, so I used the whole sink worth of resolution. Next time it will go in a spray bottle.

Just like that, you can get your floors clean. If you keep it in a spray bottle, you could use it for getting spots off the wall, cleaning tile, getting grease off the stove, etc.

Felt pretty good to get it all this done. The next time I'll have to do another good cleaning will be right before Adam gets home!!!!!!!!!


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