Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Sale

So I have received my first customer for my Zipper Flowers!! One of my old co-workers was interested in them and wanted me to make 3 of the zipper flowers into hair clips. It's pretty exciting. I think they came out real cute. Since I was already going to be making some, I went ahead and created 2 others as headbands for a good friend of mine, and then made a hair clip for me to wear. Please don't mind me in the pictures, I had to take them myself, would have looked better if I had someone to take them of me. Next time! :D

If you're interested at all in a zipper flower for either hair clips, headbands, or brooches, just let me know and I would be happy to create one for you! I finally came up with a cost: Hair clip and Brooch $8, Headband, $10. 

*My first purchased items!!*
*My new hair clip*
*A Zipper Flower Headband*
*A Zipper Flower Headband* Whatcha think?? 

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