Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm Back!!

Sorry Folks. I took a brief leave of absence from posting while I was on Vaca in Cali until I got settled in again in WA. So here I am, hoping to be back to my typical blogging schedule this week.

My Cali trip was filled with visits with family & friends, baking, playdates for Baxter, card games, reading, relaxation, and beautiful, Sunnny California days to enjoy. I got to meet up with several friends that I didn't get a chance to see during my last trip to Cali: Hannah P., Della, and Rachel H. It was nice to be able to catch up and hang out with each of them, in our own special way. With Hannah, we ate dinner in downtown Pasadena and talked the night away; with Della, we went antique looking in downtown Pomona, and with Rachel we caught up on life at Starbucks, especially about her pregnancy! :) I also got to meet up with my other good friends, that add an extra blessing and joy to my life, Christine F.,Christina, my old co-workers Andres & Cristy! With Christine, it was fun to visit her in Redondo Beach, where I loved seeing her 6 month old Josiah (such a cutey!!) and collecting sea shells on our sandy-beach walk (and got a little wet, too). With Christina, we caught up like usual, playing Guitar Hero, and laughing at how our dogs played with each other. It's safe to say that Bailey and Baxter are best buds! With my old co-workers we went out to dinner and caught up on life, and Twilight. ;D

I got to spend time with my Cooney and Zickefoose families. Sure is nice to have loving people to surround your life with, especially those people that are added to your life through marriage; such a blessing they are! It was also fun to catch up with family that I hadn't seen in awhile, too. Like my Boucher and Greer cousins. Hadn't seem them both in awhile; always nice to catch up with family!

The holidays were nice this year, too. You learn as you get older, that the holidays are more about spending time with family than the excitement of opening gifts. It's nice to have casual gaterings, spending the days with the ones you love, reflecting on the true meaning of the day. Christmas eve was spent with the Zickefooses, doing their traditions of Christmas Eve service and dinner at Claim Jumpers (yes Adam, we did keep the tradition running for you!). It was nice to spend this day with them. Christmas was spent with my parents and grandparents, with my mom's traditional Christmas morning Breakfast, stockings, and presents. And then in the mid-afternoon we went to my grandparents and had early dinner, presents, card games, and of course basketball. I headed home early so I could skype with my love, since they were in port for the holidays. So good to see him at the end of a special day. Made the day that much extra special! For New years, we spent the day at Hungtington dog beach, which is south of Bolsa Chica and North of Seal Beach. It was a very nice beach! Baxter was a little hesitant with the water, but did enjoy running in the moist sand. He needs some training with fetching, but I am planning on working on that with him before Adam returns. Once he gets it down, he will love the beach all the more. His favorite part of the beach was playing with the other dogs. He LOVED this one dog he played with near the end of our day. It was so cute to see them chase, wrestle, and jump all over each other. So cute for a puppy-mommy to witness! :)

All-in-all, my vacation was nice. It was nice to enjoy a bit of relaxation before I would come home and start working again. Oh ya, by the way, I started at my new job yesterday, Friday! It's exciting to have a distraction that will make time pass by more quickly for this last leg of the deployment. Officially have 25% left!!! :D Although it was nice to start, it was very overwhelming. And when I say overwhelming, I really mean information overload X 1,010! Seriously. But I know it will get better, so I'm rolling with the info, taking things one step at a time. Baby steps that is! Well, that's a little catch up on me. Here are some pictures of my time at home, mostly of Baxter, but you won't mind.

*Baxter & Bailey = best buds for life*

*Baxter & Heidi*

*Baxter & Lucy. Don't be fooled, this was a rare occasion!*

*New Years Beach Trip*

*Chasing after balls at the beach*

*A candid of my second love and I*

*Can you guess whose with me here? It's a boy and he's my only sibling. Shoot! I think I gave it away! ;D *

Happy week everyone!! It's good to be back in the swing of things. :D


  1. glad you had such a good holiday season! deff missed your posts on my dashboard Lol! where's your new job?!?! CONGRATS!

  2. Aww, glad you missed my blog! :) It's at the Child Development Center, here for the base I live by in Washington :)