Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letting Go

I never really made a post marking the highlights of last year and transitioning into the new year. I guess today's the day, since work called and they don't need me. Which I'm totally fine with, because I get to enjoy the snow today! The other days when I posted about the snow. Please, that was nothing. Today it's SOMETHING!! It's still snowing and hasn't stopped. We're probably around 4-5" by now. Which for a Cali girl translates into, A LOT!! I got a lot done today. I took a snow walk, had a snowball fight with Baxter, AND made a Jasmine snow angel. Yes, I do plan to get stuff done today. But really, those things can hold off. IT'S SNOWING!!!!

ANYWAYS...As you can tell, the snow easily gets me side-tracked. Back to transitioing into 2012.

These were the highlights of 2011:
~In February we became an Aunt & Uncle, as Emma Grace Zickefoose was born on the 16th.
~Adam also became active duty in February and graduated from boot camp April 22.
~I became an alum of APU, as I graduated on May 7th.
~We celebrated our one year anniversary, in which Adam surprised me with a visit.
~Adam got stationed in Kitsap County, WA. We are now officially Washingtonians!
~We became parents to the cutest dog in the world, Baxter, who is now 6 months.
~Adam embarked on his first deployment on the USS John C Stennis for 7 months.

This year I am working on my relationship with God. I am making the effort to cleanse my life from things that lead me astray from Him, such as music, movies, etc. I want to have things in my life that lead me to Him, encourage me & lift me up, instead of the opposite. I think this will be a good thing.

Lately, all I have been listening to is Newsboys Devotion album, and I can really tell the difference in my attitude and overall demeanor when I listen to uplifting, encouraging songs, that make me dwell in Him. I mean, it's been a significant difference. I literally am listening to that CD all the time, except at work of course.

This brought me to think that I need to be listening to more music that brings me closer to Him. So today I deleted all the music in my Itunes that I felt would not be encouraging to me. I haven't been listening to most of the songs I am referring to anyways, but I know it's something I've been putting off for awhile. Today, it got done (yet another good thing coming from this snowfall :)

Other things on my list:
*Spending time to simply be quiet. Finding a quiet spot, where I can just listen to God. Be still with Him. I tend to come to God with a distracted mind, thus giving Him less of what I really should be.
*Finding different ways to encourage people.
*Keeping in touch with family.
*Training Baxter to play fetch (a lot harder than it sounds)

I don't want to call any of these resolutions, they're just things that I want to work on. Have you thought about ways you can be better?

Let me leave you with pictures of my snow-day-in.

*The view from my house looks like a fairy tale ♥ *

*He was having fun in the snow, I promise!*

*Although he did find under this bush comforting.*

*Our footprints*

*My snow angel*

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  1. I still need to make 'my list' for 2012 I don't know if they're resolutions are goals but i loving having that list to look at but I'm waiting till Stephens home because then I jsut feel like thats when my year starts (kinda like it'll be Christmas, birthday, anniversary, all the holidays in one hah) I know what you mean about the music affecting your attitude! the snow looks beautiful! can't wait to make my list to lol :D