Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Morning of Blessings

Today is a good day. Although I wish work didn't call and cancel my shift, as well as others, but there are things that have already made my day today.

1. MY HUBBY IS ON HIS WAY HOME!!! :D Readin' this article bright and early this morning. IE. 9 am, just put a smile on my face. Read it, you'll get one on your face for us, too!
2. I'm gettin' some crafty projects done that have been waitin' for me on my sewing table. I plan to prep a bunch today, so they'll go by faster.
3. I am about to finish the book of Daniel, just 1 1/2 more Chapters left to go. I'm glad I made the decision to re-read the "stories" of the Bible of, ie. Joseph, Daniel, Jonah, etc. Got down Joseph and now almost Daniel. Joseph's story really humbles me (Genesis 37-50)! I would suggest reading it for some comfort and humility.
4. I have great leftovers in my fridge from some awesome meals I've made this week. I need to post the ones I have made the last couple of days, they were really good!
5. I finished watching Season 4 of the Office today and watching the bloopers at the end of the 4th disc ALWAYS makes me laugh!! ♥ that show!!
6. The USO is awesome!! Being a military family has its percs, sometimes. But there are a lot of free services that are out there if you just take the time to look. Like I can send free picture postcards, make free welcome home banners or signs, and get a free photographer to capture his homecoming. AWESOME RIGHT!!??!! LOVE that!! I received the banner I had made for his homecoming yesterday afternoon and looked at it this afternoon and it's perfect!! It's becoming real that it's not too far away!!
7. Talking to family is always a plus, too!

What's happened to you today that has made you smile?

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  1. not really anything in particular just found some really good country music! :)it's just an all around good day!