Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waking Up To Snow

Today was a pretty cool day. I woke up to beautiful, powdery snow this morning!! This is the first time it's happened since living in Washington, so it goes down in history for me and my memories here. Baxter wasn't curious at all. He did his morning business extra quick and then raced back inside, although it wasn't really enough for him to get curious about, but that's besides the point. Then on my way to church, I saw my first Washington Coyote dash across the freeway. What an exciting start to my day, I'll say!

*Waking up to snow/pixie dust*

*My first WA snow fall*

It's supposed to also snow for the next two days, so I'm crossing my fingers extra tight. I wonder what other wild animals I'll see within the next couple of days....

Happy week all!

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