Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zipper Flower Infant Girl Headbands

So it's been awhile since I posted about the Zipper Flowers I've made. I posted a while back that I just went through an uncrafty phase, where nothing seemed fun to do, although I had a lot of projects on hold. Well, now I've hit a streak. I decided to combine the idea of the Zipper Flowers with the elastic lace flower infant girl headbands I make. I've made the elastic headbands as a gift for my niece Emma, my friend Rachel's baby on the way, Audrey, and my parents' neighbors little girl on the way. They've been pleasers so far.

Here's how the idea turned out:

*Zipper Headbands for infant girls*

*New creations of elastic flower headbands for infant girls*

Whatcha think of them?? I'm curious on your thoughts and input.


  1. SUPER cute!!! I love them! could you make clips out of those zipper flowers? or use big bobby pins attached to the back somehow? women get into the flower-clip thing in the summer! especially all those CA hippies ;)

  2. Yes, that's the idea. You can place them on a headband, hairclip, or place it on a pin and wear it as a brooch on a sweater or shirt. Cute idea :)