Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Reuniting Roadtrip

 As stated in my last post, when Adam came home we quickly planned a WA, B&B roadtrip. When I say quickly, I literally mean in 2 hours!! Let me take you on a picture tour of our adventure together.

An we're off...

Destination #1: Port Townsend

We started our Roadtrip going to Port Townsend (We forgot to take pictures there, but it was pretty!)

Destination #2: Leavenworth, WA
 We stayed 2 nights in Leavensworth (all the way on the other side of WA from Port Townsend), at this lovely B&B.
 To our surprise, it was snowy!! This is the view from our hotel and you would think we were staying somewhere at the alps. But we weren't!
 In Leavenworth we got to feed their pet goat named Shorty,
 Have our first snowball fight in over 3 years!!
 Relax in the spa, while it was raining, in the snow!!,
And have our first date night in over 8 months!!

 Along the way in all of our destinations, 
Adam and I have found our new found hobby: antiquing!! 
It's a great thing we love doing together!

Destination #3: Coupeville, Whidbey Island

 Our cute & cozy B&B, down the street from the water. Look at that view!
 We did our 2nd favorite hobby there: hiking, as we hiked Deception Pass.
 The beautiful scenery!

We then came home for 2 days, and in those two days we went on a day trip to:
 Sequim, WA

Isn't it just beautiful there!!??!!

 My handsome hubby on our hike on the Dungeoness Trail Lighthouse path.

 We took a day trip to Seattle. We even brought Baxter for his first ferry ride!

Then Adam found a brochure on our ferry ride to Seattle of Victoria, B.C., so of course that became our 4th destination. We stayed there 2 nights.

 British Parliament
 A view of the Olympic Mountains from Victoria
 Craigdarroch Castle. The richest family in Cananda during the late 1800's built this as their home. Imagine living in this!!
 Another view of the Castle
 Posing for a quick pic infront of the entry
 When we got home from Victoria, we've just been hanging around, enjoying being just an average couple. We've even been able to have our first Wii match in over a year!!!

 Adam's been able to take me on a tour of the ship,
 I've come home to hand written notes with the hose,
and even gone to a Blake Shelton Concert!!!

 We've gotten to go to Poulsbo and endulge at our favorite bakery, Sluy's,
 Hang out with one of my old roommates, Joanna
 (In Poulsbo)
 get a Blizzard from DQ (promise we only did this once so far!!)
 and Adam got to buy a new toy,
so we had to make beef jerky!!!

Life is simplistically beautiful right now.

Hope you like the picture tour of our reunification!


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