Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh Happy Day for Five (5) Minute Crafts!

Today has been a great day. I've had a happy, content day. A song has been on my mind all day long, tugging me through, encouraging me to carry on. 

Since this day has been full of joy, I decided tonight to endeavor on another craft project that is on my Craft Project To Do List. When Adam is gone I try to get all these things done, so while he's here I can spend as much time I can get with him. Kind of like what I did when he was on deployment, and I made a deployment to-do list. Same concept, just a shorter list. :) 

This craft project I found on Pinterest, of course on there right, has been on my mind to use as a cute spring table decoration. So tonight was the night that I thought, hey what the heck, let me craft. This project is really SO easy to do. Once again, I sat down expecting it to take me at least 10 minutes. Nope, not even! Another under 5 minute cute craft project (Thus another new series I have created). And I REALLY love the turnout.

Materials Needed:
  • Tuna cans
  • Clothespins (20 for each can you want to make)

To Do:
  1. Wash and dry your tuna can out real well.
  2. Line your 20 clothespins around the tuna can.
  3. Add a tea candle with a glass jar inside or a little vase with flowers.
  4. "Pimp" it up however you want.
And that's right, YOU ARE DONE!!
 *Mine, with a candle inside*

And BAM, just like that you have a cute centerpiece to use a Table Decoration. As you can see, I still need to get the rest of the centerpiece together, but I couldn't wait to share the project until then!
You could definitely use this as a cute fun kids craft, too!

I already had the clothespins on hand, I just had to take them off my encouragement banner, where I hung all the cards I received from friends and family while Adam was on Deployment. I really suggest all you military wives out there to do this. I'm a visual learner, so for me to see that all these people care for me, really made a difference each day. Sometimes I would even sit down and read them, if I really needed that extra boost. :)

And I already had the Tuna on hand, since I was making Tuna for my lunches for work this week.

Total Cost of Project:
Tuna: on sale for .68 cents = 1.36
Clothespins: (already had on hand, but I think a pack of 50 are $1.50or so)
Total: $2.86, under $3

So many things that you could do to "pimp" this project up, and give it more bling, bling. For example, you could paint the clothespins (I'm thinking I might paint them green for grass, maybe next week!), use it for a vase or a candle (I'm thinking I will add some unused green onions to use one of them as a vase when I go shopping this week), you could put rhinestones on them, you could use them for a table # for party, the possibilities are endless!

I think this will be another blog series that I will :)


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