Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ways to use your Mason Jar, Idea #2: Canning that Jam

Let me start off this post with a little equation for you: 





 pure love!!

That's right folks, I did some spur of the moment canning this morning before I went into work. The plan to do it erupted from a conversation I overheard in the break room at work. People were talking about how the Strawberries were on sale for .50/lb at Wincos. Immediately I heard a "ding, ding, ding." No not really, but a light bulb did go off in my brain that said, "You would be stupid enough not to make jam at this price." So this morning I got everything I needed and started the fun process. I found this recipe online for No Sugar, Strawberry Freezer Jam, and loved the results it yielded. I do have to forewarn from the name of the jam, that this is a condensed sugar version. You buy the sugar free pectin and use apple juice. For some that may not be sweet enough, so the judgment is up to you. I don't like to consume that much sugar, so it was just fine with me. 

I am SUPER stoked about this recipe, because it only cost me just under $4 to make this, and I got 6 containers for the freezer and a small bowls worth for the fridge. Talk about learning ways to be frugal, there you have it! Now that's what I'm talking about! Boo-yah store bought jam! This will last me until Blackberry Season (actually, longer than that) so I'm a happy camper!

For the actual recipe, just click the link. It's really easy and does not take long at all. 

And there you have it, another way to use your mason jars: as storage for your yummy jams.


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