Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ways to use your Mason Jars, Idea #1: Mason Jar Match Holder, with a Strikeable Lid

I've grown very fond of Mason Jars. I've always been exposed to them, as my mom and both grandma's were avid makers of jams and jellies when I was younger-best part of spring! It wasn't til I was older, however, that I have grown to like them, and use them for things other than jamming. There are ENDLESS possibilities people, ENDLESS!! With that said, I've decided to start a blog series with all the ways that I have encountered (thus far) on using them good ol' Mason Jars.

 I already posted about this fun idea for all you sewers out there, with the Mason Jar Pin Cushion. Such a BRILLIANT idea :) So this is technically #2, but since I just came up with this series idea, it's officially numero uno! 

Idea #1: Mason Jar Match Holder, with a Strikeable Lid 
I originally found this idea on Pinterest of course, but it is originally from here. However, the site doesn't provide a tutorial, it's just implied. For all you visual learners out there, that need to actually see with your own two eyes how easy a project actually is, this is for you. Let us begin.

Supplies: A Mason Jar of any size with the lid-I chose the 4 oz size, sand paper, scissors, pencil (for tracing) ; even the supplies are reinforcing how easy this project will be :)

Step 1: trace a circle out of the sand paper with your pencil, 
using the inner lid of your mason jar

Step 2: Cut out your circle using your scissors

Step 3: Draw a hole in the circle so the matches can easily come out, 
instead of having to open the lid each time- then cut it out :)

Step 4: Place your finished circle inside the lid and screw the lid onto your mason jar (you DO NOT need the inner lid, the sand paper will stay in place).

*My finished Mason Jar Match Holder, with a Strikeable Lid. Now I just need to go buy some matches :)*

And there you have it, your finished product. Wasn't that SUPER easy??!!?? I sat down at the table with all my products, thinking it would take at least 15 minutes. Finished the WHOLE THING in under 5 minutes!! Now that's my kind of project!

Cost of this project:
Mason Jar: acquired from grandma
Sand paper: came in a pack for like $3, but I only used a tiny circle, so probably only some change worth of sand paper, and I still have A BUNCH of it left over! :)
So basically, under $1! :D

(Note: you will have to replace the sand paper after awhile, but psshh that's so easy to do!)

If you want to link up with me, that would be cool. I'd love to see ways that you're using your mason jars!

Happy lighting! :)


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