Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For the Love of Being Random

I woke up yesterday morning and thought "I'm going to create a love-themed scavenger hunt for Adam when he gets home." Now, I don't usually wake up and have these thoughts, but let me explain myself. Adam usually only has duty once every 8 days. This week his duty landed on Monday (YEAH for no more duty-days on a weekend for awhile!!). However, someone offered to pay him to take his duty day on Sunday, meaning he would be gone for 2 days in a row. When Adam told me how much the guy was going to pay him, I literally told him that he would be stupid for not doing it! AND THEN the next thing I told him was, "Of course I'll miss you, BUT it's worth it for you to do it!" So now we won't have to spend a dime of our own money when we have a romantic weekend away together in Seattle in 2 weeks when we see our Angels play the Mariners!!! Yeah for that! :D So with the fact that I hadn't seen him in 2 1/2 days, I thought it would be nice for him to come home to a little treat; thus my creation of a scavenger hunt.

 This is what I did. I wrote a note to him, telling him some of my gushy feelings for him, along with how I missed him while he was gone, yadda yadda yadda... And then told him that he was about to embark on a scavenger hunt. I prepared 10 cards, and made cute post-it notes and went on my way. Here are some examples of his searches: he had to search for our wedding verse in the bible, our wedding vows on our bookshelf, stuff that would remind him of our union together and to be reminded of the reasons why I love him. Here are a few pictures of my preparations.

 **A collage of my some of my notes**

**I liked this note: "You cerealsy rock my world"**

For the last spot he found it led him to our bed, and I laid this project I made for him when he got home from deployment: 52 Reasons I ♥ You. 

 **My gift to him**

 **Some examples of my reasons.**

This gift was for him to take on his underways and deployments, so he can have a visual reminder of all the reasons why I love him (of course there are more than 52). This was such a fun craft project and actually a really great reason to be reminded of why you love your significant other. This is also a great gift to give your military husband!
Find the tutorial to the project here.

 It was fun for me to do this for him! I know he would think I was a dork for doing it, but a cute dork. And it's so funny, because that's exactly what he told me. He said, "You're such a dork, but I love you. I had a smile the whole time." Mission accomplished!

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