Friday, May 18, 2012

How to use Your Mason Jar, Idea #5

I have been meaning to share another idea to use your Mason Jars for awhile now. This is an idea that I originally came up with by myself without looking on Pinterest (I promise that is the truth). But then I got more creative once I saw a picture on Pinterest. Ready to read/see what it is?

Ways to use your Mason Jars, Idea #5: Beach Scene Night Light (Also a 5 Minute Craft)

**My beach-themed night light**

**Before I turned this into a night-light**

You can see that when we first moved into our current house, that our bathroom is beach-themed. Perfect for both of our upbringings in SoCal AND for my collection of nature, ie. sea shells and rocks. As you can see in this picture above, I originally only had some sand and sea shells in my mason jar. This sand is special to me. I retrieved it back from my first mission trip that I went on in my Sophomore year of high school, when I went to St. Vincent, an island of the Caribbean. We only had about 2 days of actually touring the island, and on one of our outings, we went to this secluded black-sand beach that you needed a boat to get to. The beach was absolutely beautiful and of course I had to bring some of the sand back home with me! I have kept this sand ever since! I kept it all these years in this drink bottle that I brought back with me from there too, this really good drink that I drank during the whole course of the trip. But once we moved here, I decided that the bottle needed to go, and thought, hey why not keep the sand in a mason jar? Badda bing, badda boom, thus the idea for this cute & easy project!

What you will need:
  • Sand (maybe an excuse to go to the beach OR park if you're not even close to a beach) 
  • Sea Shells (once again, if you're not close to a beach, then you can buy some at Michaels, but since I have so many, that's never needed for me :) 
  • Star Fish (Now I did buy a pack of 3 of these at Michaels) 
  • String, ribbon, or twine, whatever is your preference 
  1. I placed the sand in the mason jar. 
  2. I sprinkled a bunch of little shells on top of the sand.
  3. I put a votive tea candle (in a glass jar) in the center of the sand.
  4. Then I meticulously placed larger shells and clam shells around the candle.
  5. I started to wrap the string around the lip of the mason jar, placed the starfish in the front center, and continue wrapping the string around the jar. 

Voila! You have got a cute beach-themed Mason Jar Night light!

This also would make a great summer-themed table decoration. Can't wait for it to "officially" be summer, so it can go on my kitchen table! 

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