Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

Adam and I have been looking forward to this past weekend for many reasons. One, it would be our first full weekend together for about a month's time. Two, we needed some much needed time together, to just spend fully with each other and no distractions. Third, we were going to see our Angels play!!!!! And lastly, Adam's command let them off work early on Friday and gave them Monday off work. So all these reasons added up to us looking forward to this planned weekend! 

We started off the weekend Saturday morning on our drive over to Sea-Tac (where we would be spending the night). On our way, we stopped at a BUNCH of antique shops that I had googled in Tacoma. It turned out to be a whole little "antique row," which was pretty cool. Although you would have thought we hit the jack pot on this, we didn't. Most of the stores we high-end shops, and everything was over-priced. However, it was fun to look around. During my google search I also found one in Fife that was closer to the hotel. This one was just awesome! Adam and I have gotten this Antique searching down pretty good now. We can tell immediately what kind of store one is from our first walk in the door, meaning if it will have great prices or will be over-priced. We DID hit the jack pot in this store in-deed. I have been on the search for several items for awhile now, yes, for projects that I have seen on Pinterest of course. You would laugh when you hear what they are: a window frame and a pitch fork. It must have been the start to a lucky day, because I found them both here for great prices, and I have been searching for awhile now, not willing to budge and paying more than I think they're worth. I'm SO excited for these pieces and the projects I will create with them! 

**My finds: Window frame, $10. Pitch fork, $6.36**

Later that night we went to this restaurant I had researched on Trip Advisor, called Salty's. It was beautifully located in Redondo Beach. For a moment we thought we were in SoCal for two reasons: the name and the view we had right on the beach! Goregeous! Anyways, it had great reviews online so we decided to go there for a nice dinner. Although everything about its reviews was right on, I forgot to look at the prices while I was reviewing it, it was expensive! And if you know Adam and I, we aren't expensive people! We both told each other that we never go out and this is supposed to be a nice weekend. So we justified it. I was a tad bit weary of this though, because the least expensive item on the menu was $28, unless you wanted a bowl of soup or a side. So we were eating with hopes that this food better be dang good! It was, which was nice, but we weren't looking forward to the bill at the end of our meal. Adam got to talking to this gentleman sitting at the table next to us about the game, the military, and the restaurant, and then he presumed to focus the rest of his attention back on me. ;) Low-and-behold, this guy ended up paying for our entire meal AND added an awesome cake dessert for us! How cool is that?!? I've never had this happen before! I mean, you hear about things like this happening at Starbucks, but that's different. I mean your order might be max $9. Our meal would have totaled $9 X 10 (with the dessert he added and tip)!! We were so grateful. Adam knew it was this guy, so he went over and thanked the man right away (he had moved to the bar), although he laughed and said "for what?" We knew it was him. What a nice treat! Literally! 

**Redondo Beach, WA**

The high from the night proceeded to last to the following day, as we were going to see our Angels play for the first time in 2 years. WAY TO OVERDUE!!! When we were dating, we would go to at least 12 games per season. As much as we could! So not going for 2 whole years was a long time for us fans! Fortunately, the were playing a series against the Mariners this weekend and we hit up the game with Adam's uncle and cousin. We had such a fun time. It was his cousins first professional baseball game and it was SO cute to see his expressions and excitement of the whole atmosphere as the day progressed. From seeing the field for the first time, to getting to actually walk ON the field, to all the special treats that are served at games, to getting to see a game LIVE, it was so fun to see this from a youngins perspective. We had such a blast at the game and even more as they swept the Mariners, winning all for games in the series! It was weird for me, being a fan of the opposing team at the other teams stadium, since we obviously had to wear our matching jersey's to the game!! Adam on the other hand, soaked this in! He loved cheering for the strikouts Wilson laid on the Mariners, the homerun by Trumbo, and all the other exciting plays, with Mariners fan yelling at him to shut-up. Yup, we had a fun time! We had to show his cousin all the aspects of the game ;) 

**Angels Game in Mariners land**

All-in-all we had such a fun getaway together. It ended just as good, as we got to see Baxter when we got home who stayed at the neighbors house. It's fun to see his excitement when he doesn't get to see us for awhile (I know you all are laughing at this). But yes, the life of pooch-parents is exciting.

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