Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend Funtivities

As the time is quickly approaching for Adam to be gone on another under way, we've been soaking up every opportunity to spend time together, on the weekends especially. The past two weekends we've had very fun things planned for us to spend quality time with each other, as well as just having "fun" together, doing things we love doing together.

The second weekend in June, we went on a marriage retreat with the Kreta Pacific Northwest Region, in Gig Harbor. That may sound weird, but in other words, we went on a marriage retreat with other military families in our region. Now we're all on the same page. :D We weren't really sure what to expect at first. Like, if there would be any other couples there. Would we be the youngest people or shortest amount of time married. Would the information really be good? All of these things we were unsure about, but we decided to go and just get away with each other, for free of course-no better way to go!, and if anything, learn more about each other. 

We both are very happy that we went. It's not that we needed the advice because we're going through stuff, but it's always encouraging and refreshing to understand the perspective that your spouse is coming from. Actually, all of our doubts of the weekend were thrown out the window. We weren't the only couple who attended this weekend. In fact, 13 couples attended. We shared the youngest age of couples with some other people. And we weren't the youngest married couple (not that it mattered). We definitely will be doing another Kreta event next year, as you can do one per year!! Can't wait!

It was such a great weekend and we're glad that we got some good resources from the event. 

**This resource above, "The Power of a Praying Wife" really has inspired me to start praying for Adam. It's not that I don't pray for him already, but I don't necessarily pray for him every day, just because. {Hope that doesn't sound bad} What I mean is this: I find myself falling in the trap of praying for people and situations when they are in need, and not when things are going well. That is not what prayer is intended for. The book has been so powerful to me already.**

This was our first time exploring the city of Gig Harbor and I really wish I would have taken a picture of downtown. The view was absolutely gorgeous, but a picture wouldn't have been able to truly capture it anyways.

**Our formal dinner on the retreat**

This last weekend we spent a little differently. We both took a weekend day and got to plan whatever we wanted to do, all day. Adam took Saturday and I took Sunday. So here's what we did. 

On Sunday we went to an auction. ALL. DAY. I thought that it would be super boring for me, because the last auction we went to was indoors and 3 hours long and got boring at times just sitting still the whole time. However, this one was far from that! It wasn't only an indoor auction. There were 5 different places on the property where they held auctions, it was that big. There were usually 2 auctions going on at the same time, and they auctioned everything from collectable antiques, to furniture, to kitchen ware, to outdoor tools, to plants, to cars, to even RV's and boats! No way I could get bored during this event! We got some great finds at the auction, some that I can't wait to repurpose! Here is what we got:

**From Top left-right, clockwise: Stokes Auction; what we purchased: 2 weed-whackers ($1 for both), a hedger and chain saw ($15 each), a plant stand ($10), an antique cooler ($10), kitchen antiques ($40), a Whirlpool water dispenser ($10, not pictured), and a crate box (free); My wooden crate that Adam got me for free. The crate came with some old Mexican Blankets, and the lady who purchased them only want the blankets, not the crate. Adam carried the blankets for her to her car, and she gave him the crate for free!; Adam already testing out his new hedger! haha **

On Sunday we went to explore Point Defiance, WA.  We had heard about it from a couple we met at the marriage retreat, and they really intrigued us to want to go for ourselves. So we did. What a great choice! We first took Baxter to the 15 acre dog park. Yup, you read it correctly, 15 ACRES!! He was in doggy heaven! He kept looking at us like, "Am I really allowed to go this way?" We then hiked a bit and then took him back to the actual dog park to play with some other dogs. We puckered him out, that's for sure! We then went to play a round of mini-golf and go-karts, and then since we got a military discount, Adam got to do 2 rounds in the batting cages for free. We had a great time there, just being in nature with each other. What beautiful views this park has of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and the Sound!  Next time we will definitely go to the Zoo & Aquarium. 

**Adam on the Go-karts; the BIG Dog House!; Us after our long nature day; and a picture of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the background**

**When we got home from our time in nature, we watched the Lakers game while eating home-made Enchiladas, with home-made Enchilada Sauce (recipe for sauce to come)! We devoured the whole pan of 12 Enchiladas between the both of us (3 for me and 9 for him). YUMMY!**


  1. The Point Defiance Zoo is pretty awesome. Should go during Christmas time; the whole part is set up in lights (a lot like Mission Inn).

    Would also recommend the Woodland Park Zoo. I did a sleepover there as a part of Girl Scouts. Really nice exhibits.