Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family, Roadtrippin', and Inbetweens

I'm currently in the "recoup" mode from spending a week with family and roadtripping with my mom home, and getting used to my new work schedule: the morning shift. Let me explain. 

Fourth of July is family favorite holiday. There have been traditions that have run through my family since my parents were dating, which is about 34 years ago! You may be thinking, what can be so fun about this holiday? What do they do? We start off by going to the La Verne parade in the morning. We used to show up really early to reserve our spots, but now that spots are getting reserved a week in advance (I'm serious! What do people think this is, the rose parade? Why do people take things to far?), we don't feel the rush to get there as early. ha. Immediately following the parade, we have a potluck picnic at the park, with my family, grandparents, and family friends. It used to calculate to about 15-20 people, plus grandkids. But now it's more like 15 if we're lucky. After lunch we'd play games like Volleyball, baseball, or whatever else. But now that my bro and I are the only "kids" that attend, we sit around and talk with the older folk, and play games while everyone else watches. It's still fun. Then we usually head on home, and either take a swim or a nap. Yes, we need to recoup for the nights events! Then we've been going to watch the fireworks up in the mountains, where we can see the whole valleys fireworks. So awesome! Then we head to my grandparents house for homemade ice cream. Everyone brings it. So yumm! Our favorite part of course! 

Now can you see why we love this  holiday so much?

This year things ran a little differently. Everything in the day went usual, but a couple of things were different.


This was his first year getting to spend the whole 4th with us. We welcomed him with open arms! He just missed last years 4th heading to A school, and the years when we were dating, it didn't work out. The Stennis ported in San Diego for the 4th, so I got to spend 2 days with him. One, celebrating his and his mom's birthday, and the other for the 4th. 

**At the parade (Yes, I did get my bangs cut! Haven't since....a LONG time!!)**

**Our Cooney family (minus my aunt and uncle)**

Since he needed to be back to the ship by midnight, we had our homemade ice cream right after the picnic. Wasn't the same, but at least we got it! Then we headed down to my aunts house in Oceanside and watched the fireworks down there with them so we would be closer to the ship. Yes, it was a long, long night. We didn't get home from dropping him off until 130 AM! That's my latest night in A LONG TIME! Old me, yes I know.

During my trip down to sunny Cali, I had a few goals in mind:
1. To spend as much time with family
2. Try to get time with at least one friend (since it was a short trip, and most time was spent with family, then 2 days with Adam)
3. Go Antiquing

I sure did get to check off those things from list

 **I got to have a short, but sweet lunch visit with these girlies. Love them!**

**We went down to an Antique mall in San Bernadino. No finds, but some good looks**

**Currently my favorite beach in Cali: Huntington Dog Beach**

**Baxter enjoying (somewhat) the water with my mom's dog Lucy (I really was taking a pic of the dogs and not the guy. Really!)**

**Yes, he did get on time out, and the leash went on!**

**It was also Adam's 23rd birthday, the day before we got to see him, and we were happy to spoil him with gifts and love during that time!**

Sadly, this was the end of my CALI trip. However, it was the start of a 2 day roadtrip with my mom!! Since my car was still down at my in-laws house this whole time, it was finally time to bring it back because I missed it, needed it, it was just time. 

And so it began. We headed off on our adventure at 5am bright and early, ready or not, on Saturday morning. 

What got us by was the barren scenery that Cali has to offer, the scarce scenery and this book on tape! Didn't think I would be up for a book on tape, but it really made the time pass. Highly suggest it for roadtrips!

We didn't make any fun stops in Cali, which we originally wanted to do, and take the 1 all the way up. But when we calculated the drive, it would have been over 29 hours, instead of 21, so we said HECK NO! In Oregon we made our fun stops. We drove the first day for 14 hours and stayed the night at my Great Aunt and Uncles house in Bend. It was great to see them (get it. ha). Then the next morning we left to see my mom cousin (we I had never met) in the next town, and then made our over 7 hour trek back to my home. Along we way we made 3 fun stops:

**The Tillamook Cheese Factory. We went straight pass the cheese for the ice cream, but OF COURSE had to make our way back to it. YUMMY!**

**Canon Beach, Oregon**

**Olympia, WA at sunset**

**Olympia, WA: our state Capitol**

We arrived back safely at home after 10pm, later than what we originally had planned, but the stops were worth it! My mom stayed a few extra days with me, and it was so nice to have her here! We watched a movie, went on a couple walks, cooked dinner together, and played cards. It was fun! Sad to see her go.

For all of you wondering how Bax did on our roadtrip and plane ride to Cali. Let me just say that he is an expert traveler and I should not have doubted him. I don't think I needed to drug him for the plane ride, but I felt safer doing so (don't judge). And the car ride, he was SUCH A GOOD BOY!! He held is pee well, slept, and enjoyed our company. One word: SHOCKED!!

**Snuggles with Hulk (a gift to Bax from my father in law) after a long day in the car**

Back to blogging, so I'll see ya soon. 
Happy weekend to you all!

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