Thursday, July 26, 2012

" sickness or in health."

These five words were not included in our own personal vows, since we both wrote our own vows to each other, but that doesn't mean that we don't hold them true to each other anyways. Believe me, we do! I don't get much opportunities to care for my Sailor husband in this way, but yesterday I was blessed to receive the opportunity to baby my man. It's something that I really love doing, although I know that he is bratty and doesn't listen to my knowledge of how much fluids to drink or what to eat. BUT with that all said and done, I am blessed that after over 1 1/2 years of not being able to care for my hubby when he's sick (basically his whole Navy career), it really made me feel honored to be able to. I know this all may sound silly to someone whose husband is around or doesn't serve in any way, but I really do mean all that I say. Although I don't like seeing him sick, I'm happy that I'm his wife and we've vowed to each other that we will take care of each other no matter the circumstances, it blesses me when I get any opportunity to do so (and there aren't that many folks!!)!! 

Our Tuesday night was very scary and very eventful (and not the good kind of events [like ER, excess vomit, etc.]), Wednesday I called off work to just make sure he got better and back up to pace. Prayers for his recovery would be much needed. He only was allowed 24 hours of SIQ (sick in quarters), so he had to go back to work today. He has the weekend off, which is good, but we're also going to be spending time together, so please pray that he feels just fine for us to be able to do some funtivities.

Happy approaching weekend all!! :D


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