Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Foot Holding

YEAH!!! I'm getting through this deployment {slowly but surely} because it's day 3 already!! God is so good! 

He's also good for placing encouragement in just the right places. Like with the card my mother in law sent me that I received yesterday {well it would have been on Monday, but I didn't check the mail. whoops.} I think it was better that I got it yesterday. God knows when I need something, and He provides. He really does! She sent me this story, that is way too good not to share. Here it is: 

Foot Holding
" My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9

"Something strange was going on in my head, and the doctors couldn't figure out what it was. I was told, "You'll need an MRI." 
I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to see what was going on inside my head, but off I went to the appointment. As the nurse prepped me and drew pictures on my head, she asked, 
"Are you claustrophobic?" 
"No, ma'am. Not at all," I answered.
"Have you ever had a panic attack?"
"No, never."
After I was strapped into place on a metal table, the nurse left the room, pushed the magic button, and I began my journey into the metal tube. The top of the canister was four inches from my face. My entire body, except for my feet, was encased in the metal can like a hotdog in a bun. Suddenly, I couldn't breathe.
"Excuse me," I yelled. "Can you bring me out a minute?"
The nurse immediately moved the table I was lying on out of the tube and asked, "What's wrong, Mrs. Jaynes?'
"I don't know. I can't breathe!" 
"You're having a panic attack. I thought you said you weren't claustrophobic---"
"I am not claustrophobic and I'm not having a panic attack," I reassured her. "Put me back in there." 
Again she pushed the button and my table slid into the metal tube. Once again I couldn't breathe.
"Pull me out! I can't breathe!"
We tried covering my eyes with a towel and placing an angled mirror on the inside of the tube so I could see out. Nothing worked.  

"You can't do this today,"  the nurse said. "You'll have to come back another day." My time and her patience were used up.
 I left feeling discouraged. There had not been many things I couldn't conquer in my life, and here was something so seemingly insignificant. Lying in a metal tube for forty-five minutes while listening to a jack-hammer had gotten the better of me.
I went home and told my friend Mary Ruth about my ordeal.
"I feel like such a wimp," I confessed.
"That's baloney!" she said."You just need a friend. We'll do this together."
The next week I went back with my secret weapon (Mary Ruth). She stood at the end of the tube, held my foot, prayed, and waved like Howdy Doody. The procedure went off without a hitch. 
All my life I've struggled with wanting to be self-sufficient, but through moments like these, God reminds me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." It's okay to be weak. In fact, it's more than okay. It's His plan. When we admit that we are weak, He gives us His strength. 
Many times God pumps courage into us through a friend who holds our hand. In this case, He used Mary Ruth to hold my foot. 
How about you? Are you trying to make things happen in your own strength or are you depending on God to be strong in your weakness today?"

This is what I needed. I needed to hear it from this perspective. As a military wife {or maybe it's just me} sometimes you get into the groove of thinking you can do it on your own {or maybe because we may not have family members close}. Whatever the reason may be, it's hard to accept help at times. We want to think we can do this on our own and that we don't want to come over as being a charity case. However, I want to rely on God, whatever that may mean. Whether I get strength through a friend, a family member, my husband, or even sometimes through myself, no matter the way I receive the strength, I must always know who it came from: God himself. AMEN!?!?

Hope this could be encouraging to you as well!
Who is someone in your life that may need an encouraging word today? 
Maybe you can be that to them!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Ships Purpose

Going along with my thoughts from yesterday, I thought this picture/quote was the perfect "day 2" thought regarding this deployment. 

Doesn't it just fit perfectly?!? I'm going to be putting this inside our house for decor soon. It's a great reminder to us, of what Adam's job as a sailor in the U.S. Navy is. 

Made it through day 1, almost done with day 2. 
God is great on getting me through these first couple of days! 
Let's keep it rolling this way please God! 
Thank you!

Happy week to you!

Monday, August 27, 2012


And just like that, my husband is gone. The navy has taken him away and as of right now we're not sure on the exact date of his homecoming, we just know that it will be 8 months long (hopefully not longer than that). 

Now that this is my second deployment, I feel much better going through it, but you're never "a master." I don't care what wives say, whose husband have been in for years: It doesn't get easier. Even with this being my second, yes, IT IS STILL HARD TO SEE HIM WALK AWAY FROM YOU AND KNOW THAT HE WON'T WALK BACK TO YOU FOR 8 MORE MONTHS! Yes, it is still hard to watch him pack up all his belongings, knowing that I don't get to do even the simplest things with/for him. Like folding is socks. Or asking him to reach the oil that got pushed back too far for me to reach. Or even just simply sitting next to him while he's eating something crunchy and it annoys me. I would die to hear that annoying crunch sound (it's not just him, it's really with anybody. I just hate hearing people chew crunchy things) just because it would mean that he was here with me, and not away!

But with all of that said and done (I just need to get this out), I know that Adam and I have set us both up for going through this deployment successfully. We were talking about it this last week, last deployment I didn't have a job for 5 1/2 of the 7 months he was away. This deployment, I'll be working full-time hours (although I'm only a flex. I know that's stupid, but it's funny (in a sarcastic way) and it's the truth), so that will be a major distraction for me this time around. Other things have just come into play perfectly, too. I know that it won't be hard, it's just the fact that he had to leave so soon from him coming back home to me from being gone for 7 months. 

Although it all doesn't seem fair (which it really isn't when you think about it), I'm not the type of person to sit and grumble and complain about all the UNFAIR ways this deployment sucks. I'm not going to sit here and yell and scream and cry my eyes out every day, just because things are unfair. This is life, and this is what we both signed up for, and I'm just SO thankful that God blessed me with THE finest man to cause me to miss him and wait for him for so long. That really is the truth. End of story. For that reason, and that reason alone, I don't need to be sad. I'll get to see him soon enough, and we'll have 12-14 months post deployment, while the ship is in the yards, to spend with each other. To go camping. To hold his hand. To ask him to reach the oil on the top shelf. And that's not a bad length of time if you ask me. 

We did have a GREAT weekend with each other, soaking up every moment we possibly could before he left.

We went rock-climbing on Friday!

**We thought we were going for fun, but man oh man, 
did we get a workout instead!**

**Baxter is going to miss his daddy, too**

 We then went to Seattle on Saturday for a revolving Sushi, which I had never been. The sushi place was alright, but my flowers I got were even better!!

**Nothing beats a beautiful bouquet of flowers, for $5!!!**

Even despite our beautiful weekend with each other, it was still hard to see him walk away, with tear-filled eyes yet again (all while I was crying my eyes out too). But enough tears have been shed. Time to move on and kick this deployment head on! I've already got my planner to fill with fun things for me to keep me busy, to have fun while he's gone, and to pass the time along. Like, finally running a 5k!; going to the movies with friends, and going home for the holidays!! 

So raise your glasses with me (here's your moment to pretend), for all the men and women on the Stennis, and their brave act of valor for ensuring our freedom here in the U.S. 

Love you my Sailor, my love! Go get 'er done!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Corky Project

This last Saturday we went to the auction again. Boy did we get some great finds again. One of them just happened to be a bag of wine corks. No, I didn't just bid on a bag of wine corks, but they were in a box with some other items. I did not want the other items, so I didn't bid on the box. However, I had talked to the lady that had bought the box earlier in the day and at the auction last month, so I felt like I could approach her and ask her if I could buy them from her (she also loves Baxter so I knew that I had a good rep with her ;) Low and behold, the big bag of wine corks became mine for $5. I was so pleased! I immediately came home and search for wine cork projects on Pinterest. Found some good ones, and got my supplies yesterday after church. 

**My bag of wine corks** 

Here is my first project using them, and I still have half of the bag left!! 
(Someone pinch me, cause I'm excited for more projects using them!!)

  **Z is for Zickefoose** 

** I love the rustic look I got out of it!**

 I'm labeling this a 5 minute craft, because depending on the size letter you want, it could take 5 minutes. Mine took me about 30 minutes, because I was strategically placing them and had to cut a few. All you do is hot glue your wine corks to the letter and BAM! you've got yourself a finished product!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

24 Years in the Making

Last Saturday I had my 24th Birthday. I can't believe that I've already graced my family with my existence for 24 years. Has it really been that long already?!? My birthday weekend was filled with some fun and exciting events, that I just had to share them. 

When I was 19 I started a tradition with myself. Every year on my birthday I would check an item off of my bucket list. Now I haven't actually sat down and written a formal bucket list, I kind of just think of something really fun that I would have to do before I die. 

On my 19th it started off with Skydiving.

**View of the Inland Empire**

On my 20th it was Parasailing (Adam came with me on this adventure!!)

**Mission Bay, San Diego, CA**

My 21st was drinking of course, so no real adventure.

**Adam and I at BJ's**

My 22nd, we had just gotten married, and that was the biggest adventure/blessing I could ever have received, no need for an extravagant birthday.

**My first time at Benni Hannas**

And my 23rd, Adam had left for his first deployment the day prior, it was just not a fun day for me.
**Home for my 23rd birthday**

But this year I had to bring back the excitement, especially since Adam was able to join me! YEAH!!!

So after we dropped his parents off at the airport at 530 am Saturday morning, we started my birthday adventure. 

We began by having a hardy breakfast of course, which just happened to be at Panera's!

 *Birthday breakfast, complete with OJ!**

Then we headed on the road to.......

 **Portland, Oregon!!**

We spent 2 nights and 3 days in this city. We first checked into our hotel, which was pet friendly because we had Baxter with us, and we 3 had a blast!

**They even welcomed Baxter!!**

The hotel was super cute. We were so happy that this chain of hotels accommodates dogs they way they do. They don't just accommodate, they go above and beyond! I know Baxter loved his stay, as well as us!

**We then hit the town, on our bikes of course! Well, not really our bikes, but the hotel bikes that we were able to use. We even brought Baxter with us on a couple of our rides! I really enjoyed using my pink beach cruiser! It was so fun to get compliments from people saying, "I love your bike." I just smiled and said thanks and believed it was mine. lol**

We also got to eat at a bunch of cool places, from Sushi to eating from the food trucks, which Portland is full of.

**I chose this one for breakfast on Monday morning. It was so yummy!!**

On Sunday we did my big adventure that I have wanted to do for awhile now....

White Water Rafting!!
We went on the White Salmon River, a river that feeds from the Columbia Gorge, in WA, but just 1.5 hours away from Portland. It was a great river to raft on, and I would highly suggest it to anyone in the Pacific North West, or for anyone who travels this way. 

Most of the river was rated with a level 3 skill level (honestly, it wasn't hard at all, really fun). The only portion of the river that was a level 4, was the fall. I chose to do the fall, but Adam didn't, and I don't blame him. The whole time we rafted they were making us aware of the fall, and letting us know it was our choice if we wanted to do it or not. They really hyped it up, so no wonder he didn't want to do it. But honestly, our rafter gave us the skills to do it, and none of our rafter fell out!!! It was just the amount of an adrenaline rush to suffice me. So fun!! Unfortunately, the pictures that the place took weren't the best quality, so I didn't pay for the pictures (I was really bummed). So this is our only picture of our experience AND our only proof, but I'll take it. I'll always have the experience with me.

**24th birthday experience:: White Water Rafting**

Because Adam was able to spend my birthday with me this year, it made my birthday all the more special. I got everything I wanted for my birthday and so much more! So many blessings to be thankful for, not enough words to describe. 

I'm already looking forward to next years adventure. It's not something that will be an adrenaline rush, but it is something that Adam would be able to do with me. I just have 1 year to convince him to do it! ;D


Friday, August 17, 2012

We Love Being Hosts & Hostesses!!

Last week we had visitors: Adam's parents. We haven't had any house guests in awhile, and  I love showing hospitality. His parents were able to squeeze in a trip to visit with us before Adam takes off on his 8 1/2 month deployment. We were very fortunate that it was able to work out. Although we only had 3 full days with them, we were able to pack in a bunch of funtivities in that amount of time. Here's what we did:

They arrived late Tuesday night, early morning Wednesday by the time we drove them to our home. Since we all had a late night, we decided to have a relaxed Wednesday. We took them to see our prospective house we are buying and then came home to have what I call a perfect summer lunch: Sloppy Joes over homemade rolls! Yummy! Then we watched some Olympics (of course!!) and then took them to mine and Adam's favorite town, Poulsbo, because we had to show them our favorite bakery, Sluy's! Of course, right?!? You all recognize the name of this bakery, since I take every visiting guests there.

**They are home to these delicious devils: Viking Cups. The most delicious thing ever!**

We were all so full of our yummy treats, that none of us were hungry for dinner. We then took a walk along the water with Baxter and collected sea shells. Instead of going straight home, we went along side of the main rode (before you get into the military housing) and gathered some wild flowers for an arrangement for the dining room table. It turned out quite nice.

 **Collecting sea shells. Everyone participated except Adam. What a sport, right.**

 **Our arrangements of wildflowers**

Thursday marked the start of our first "busy" day of "sight-seeing." We planned to go to Mt. Ranier, which was something that Adam nor I have done since we've lived here, however, we didn't leave before we had a yummy breakfast of Overnight French Toast. It came out good and delicious, thankfully. Hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea to serve before we were going hiking, but at least we were doing something that could burn off the calories! None of us complained ;D
(recipe will come on this weekend's post). After we scrapped our plates clean, we headed for the big ol' mountain. Our cell phone gps's lead us to the neighboring mountain, instead of Mt. Ranier itself, but we were fine with that for numerous reasons. 1) We found a great hiking trail that was Baxter friendly! 2) We had great views of the mountain all along our hike and our drive. 3) We didn't have to pay an entry fee! 4) We could bring Baxter with us, because on the trails on the actual mountain, you can't bring pets! So it all worked out just fine. 

 **Mt. Ranier**
 **Our hiking scenery**

 **Baxter lead the way!**
 **Too pretty not to add**
 **Yes, we had to walk through snow at one point! 
And yes, we DID have a snow ball fight in August!**
**The gang, minus me of course, during our hike**

 **This is currently my favorite picture. I love Adam's face!**

 **What it was meant to be ;)**

On our way home we decided to stop at Point Defiance Park. I love this park, because the views are glorious, and we thought we'd share the treasure with them!

**Tacoma Narrows Bridge view from Point Defiance Park**

On Friday we had a combo of a relaxed/busy day. Friday was the only day I had to work. So I worked 6-2, while Adam gave his parents a tour of the ship. After work I came home to my lovely, traditional birthday flowers. 

**A tradition 24 years in the making. 24 flowers for every year I have been a blessing. ♥ **

We then headed off on the ferry to Seattle. We walked around Pikes Place and then had a wonderful birthday dinner at Ivar's, followed by a delicious Cold Stone treat. What a night! 

 **My birthday-eve was fabulous!**

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and will look forward to visiting with them together next summer!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

One year with Baxter

I know it may seem like the last couple of posts may seem like they are all about one year with this and two years of this...but forgive me, there are a lot of hallmarks for Adam and I that happen between the months of June-August. With that said, let me tell you what this hallmark is. 


I still remember the day we got him. We got him at an adoption festival in Tacoma at Pudget Sound University (what a beautiful campus they have there!!). We were initially going to the festival with intentions of just looking. Ha, you always know where that leads you right? Yes indeed, we sure did walk out of there with a pup, a cute pup at that too! One look at him, and I couldn't imagine him being with any other family besides us. Seeing his black fur, filled with the cutest, but most random parts of white was too much for me to bear; the cuteness meter was off the charts! haha. 

**August 4th, 2011, day one with Baxter**
Although he has proved to us (more me than Adam, because I am his primary caregiver when Adam is gone) to be a hassle, pest, and a nuesence, with having an expensive taste in eating my best/favorite pairs of shoes, peeing in the house (that one has been taken care of, but very rarely will occur), and not listening when we call him (which will definitely change while Adam is on this next deployment!!!), he is a great addition to our family. I remember why I love him so, when he snuggles with us at night, gets excited to see me when I'm off work, and is the best running partner, it's plain as day to me. 
 **10 weeks old**

**Always wanting to know what I'm doing and where I am**
 **Christmas 2011, Santa's little helper**
 **First beach trip**
 **We both experienced the snow for the first time together**
 **My companion**
 **My kitchen helper**
 **He loves to sleep in**
 **When he hurt his paw and had a cast**
 **Snuggles with Hulk on our road trip**

 **Excited after a visit to the dog park (I LOVE this photo of him!)**
 **His first Ferry ride to Seattle**

We love you Baxter and can't imagine our lives without you 
(although sometimes it's a fine line ;)