Sunday, August 19, 2012

24 Years in the Making

Last Saturday I had my 24th Birthday. I can't believe that I've already graced my family with my existence for 24 years. Has it really been that long already?!? My birthday weekend was filled with some fun and exciting events, that I just had to share them. 

When I was 19 I started a tradition with myself. Every year on my birthday I would check an item off of my bucket list. Now I haven't actually sat down and written a formal bucket list, I kind of just think of something really fun that I would have to do before I die. 

On my 19th it started off with Skydiving.

**View of the Inland Empire**

On my 20th it was Parasailing (Adam came with me on this adventure!!)

**Mission Bay, San Diego, CA**

My 21st was drinking of course, so no real adventure.

**Adam and I at BJ's**

My 22nd, we had just gotten married, and that was the biggest adventure/blessing I could ever have received, no need for an extravagant birthday.

**My first time at Benni Hannas**

And my 23rd, Adam had left for his first deployment the day prior, it was just not a fun day for me.
**Home for my 23rd birthday**

But this year I had to bring back the excitement, especially since Adam was able to join me! YEAH!!!

So after we dropped his parents off at the airport at 530 am Saturday morning, we started my birthday adventure. 

We began by having a hardy breakfast of course, which just happened to be at Panera's!

 *Birthday breakfast, complete with OJ!**

Then we headed on the road to.......

 **Portland, Oregon!!**

We spent 2 nights and 3 days in this city. We first checked into our hotel, which was pet friendly because we had Baxter with us, and we 3 had a blast!

**They even welcomed Baxter!!**

The hotel was super cute. We were so happy that this chain of hotels accommodates dogs they way they do. They don't just accommodate, they go above and beyond! I know Baxter loved his stay, as well as us!

**We then hit the town, on our bikes of course! Well, not really our bikes, but the hotel bikes that we were able to use. We even brought Baxter with us on a couple of our rides! I really enjoyed using my pink beach cruiser! It was so fun to get compliments from people saying, "I love your bike." I just smiled and said thanks and believed it was mine. lol**

We also got to eat at a bunch of cool places, from Sushi to eating from the food trucks, which Portland is full of.

**I chose this one for breakfast on Monday morning. It was so yummy!!**

On Sunday we did my big adventure that I have wanted to do for awhile now....

White Water Rafting!!
We went on the White Salmon River, a river that feeds from the Columbia Gorge, in WA, but just 1.5 hours away from Portland. It was a great river to raft on, and I would highly suggest it to anyone in the Pacific North West, or for anyone who travels this way. 

Most of the river was rated with a level 3 skill level (honestly, it wasn't hard at all, really fun). The only portion of the river that was a level 4, was the fall. I chose to do the fall, but Adam didn't, and I don't blame him. The whole time we rafted they were making us aware of the fall, and letting us know it was our choice if we wanted to do it or not. They really hyped it up, so no wonder he didn't want to do it. But honestly, our rafter gave us the skills to do it, and none of our rafter fell out!!! It was just the amount of an adrenaline rush to suffice me. So fun!! Unfortunately, the pictures that the place took weren't the best quality, so I didn't pay for the pictures (I was really bummed). So this is our only picture of our experience AND our only proof, but I'll take it. I'll always have the experience with me.

**24th birthday experience:: White Water Rafting**

Because Adam was able to spend my birthday with me this year, it made my birthday all the more special. I got everything I wanted for my birthday and so much more! So many blessings to be thankful for, not enough words to describe. 

I'm already looking forward to next years adventure. It's not something that will be an adrenaline rush, but it is something that Adam would be able to do with me. I just have 1 year to convince him to do it! ;D


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