Monday, August 20, 2012

A Corky Project

This last Saturday we went to the auction again. Boy did we get some great finds again. One of them just happened to be a bag of wine corks. No, I didn't just bid on a bag of wine corks, but they were in a box with some other items. I did not want the other items, so I didn't bid on the box. However, I had talked to the lady that had bought the box earlier in the day and at the auction last month, so I felt like I could approach her and ask her if I could buy them from her (she also loves Baxter so I knew that I had a good rep with her ;) Low and behold, the big bag of wine corks became mine for $5. I was so pleased! I immediately came home and search for wine cork projects on Pinterest. Found some good ones, and got my supplies yesterday after church. 

**My bag of wine corks** 

Here is my first project using them, and I still have half of the bag left!! 
(Someone pinch me, cause I'm excited for more projects using them!!)

  **Z is for Zickefoose** 

** I love the rustic look I got out of it!**

 I'm labeling this a 5 minute craft, because depending on the size letter you want, it could take 5 minutes. Mine took me about 30 minutes, because I was strategically placing them and had to cut a few. All you do is hot glue your wine corks to the letter and BAM! you've got yourself a finished product!


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