Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Foot Holding

YEAH!!! I'm getting through this deployment {slowly but surely} because it's day 3 already!! God is so good! 

He's also good for placing encouragement in just the right places. Like with the card my mother in law sent me that I received yesterday {well it would have been on Monday, but I didn't check the mail. whoops.} I think it was better that I got it yesterday. God knows when I need something, and He provides. He really does! She sent me this story, that is way too good not to share. Here it is: 

Foot Holding
" My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9

"Something strange was going on in my head, and the doctors couldn't figure out what it was. I was told, "You'll need an MRI." 
I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to see what was going on inside my head, but off I went to the appointment. As the nurse prepped me and drew pictures on my head, she asked, 
"Are you claustrophobic?" 
"No, ma'am. Not at all," I answered.
"Have you ever had a panic attack?"
"No, never."
After I was strapped into place on a metal table, the nurse left the room, pushed the magic button, and I began my journey into the metal tube. The top of the canister was four inches from my face. My entire body, except for my feet, was encased in the metal can like a hotdog in a bun. Suddenly, I couldn't breathe.
"Excuse me," I yelled. "Can you bring me out a minute?"
The nurse immediately moved the table I was lying on out of the tube and asked, "What's wrong, Mrs. Jaynes?'
"I don't know. I can't breathe!" 
"You're having a panic attack. I thought you said you weren't claustrophobic---"
"I am not claustrophobic and I'm not having a panic attack," I reassured her. "Put me back in there." 
Again she pushed the button and my table slid into the metal tube. Once again I couldn't breathe.
"Pull me out! I can't breathe!"
We tried covering my eyes with a towel and placing an angled mirror on the inside of the tube so I could see out. Nothing worked.  

"You can't do this today,"  the nurse said. "You'll have to come back another day." My time and her patience were used up.
 I left feeling discouraged. There had not been many things I couldn't conquer in my life, and here was something so seemingly insignificant. Lying in a metal tube for forty-five minutes while listening to a jack-hammer had gotten the better of me.
I went home and told my friend Mary Ruth about my ordeal.
"I feel like such a wimp," I confessed.
"That's baloney!" she said."You just need a friend. We'll do this together."
The next week I went back with my secret weapon (Mary Ruth). She stood at the end of the tube, held my foot, prayed, and waved like Howdy Doody. The procedure went off without a hitch. 
All my life I've struggled with wanting to be self-sufficient, but through moments like these, God reminds me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." It's okay to be weak. In fact, it's more than okay. It's His plan. When we admit that we are weak, He gives us His strength. 
Many times God pumps courage into us through a friend who holds our hand. In this case, He used Mary Ruth to hold my foot. 
How about you? Are you trying to make things happen in your own strength or are you depending on God to be strong in your weakness today?"

This is what I needed. I needed to hear it from this perspective. As a military wife {or maybe it's just me} sometimes you get into the groove of thinking you can do it on your own {or maybe because we may not have family members close}. Whatever the reason may be, it's hard to accept help at times. We want to think we can do this on our own and that we don't want to come over as being a charity case. However, I want to rely on God, whatever that may mean. Whether I get strength through a friend, a family member, my husband, or even sometimes through myself, no matter the way I receive the strength, I must always know who it came from: God himself. AMEN!?!?

Hope this could be encouraging to you as well!
Who is someone in your life that may need an encouraging word today? 
Maybe you can be that to them!

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