Monday, August 27, 2012


And just like that, my husband is gone. The navy has taken him away and as of right now we're not sure on the exact date of his homecoming, we just know that it will be 8 months long (hopefully not longer than that). 

Now that this is my second deployment, I feel much better going through it, but you're never "a master." I don't care what wives say, whose husband have been in for years: It doesn't get easier. Even with this being my second, yes, IT IS STILL HARD TO SEE HIM WALK AWAY FROM YOU AND KNOW THAT HE WON'T WALK BACK TO YOU FOR 8 MORE MONTHS! Yes, it is still hard to watch him pack up all his belongings, knowing that I don't get to do even the simplest things with/for him. Like folding is socks. Or asking him to reach the oil that got pushed back too far for me to reach. Or even just simply sitting next to him while he's eating something crunchy and it annoys me. I would die to hear that annoying crunch sound (it's not just him, it's really with anybody. I just hate hearing people chew crunchy things) just because it would mean that he was here with me, and not away!

But with all of that said and done (I just need to get this out), I know that Adam and I have set us both up for going through this deployment successfully. We were talking about it this last week, last deployment I didn't have a job for 5 1/2 of the 7 months he was away. This deployment, I'll be working full-time hours (although I'm only a flex. I know that's stupid, but it's funny (in a sarcastic way) and it's the truth), so that will be a major distraction for me this time around. Other things have just come into play perfectly, too. I know that it won't be hard, it's just the fact that he had to leave so soon from him coming back home to me from being gone for 7 months. 

Although it all doesn't seem fair (which it really isn't when you think about it), I'm not the type of person to sit and grumble and complain about all the UNFAIR ways this deployment sucks. I'm not going to sit here and yell and scream and cry my eyes out every day, just because things are unfair. This is life, and this is what we both signed up for, and I'm just SO thankful that God blessed me with THE finest man to cause me to miss him and wait for him for so long. That really is the truth. End of story. For that reason, and that reason alone, I don't need to be sad. I'll get to see him soon enough, and we'll have 12-14 months post deployment, while the ship is in the yards, to spend with each other. To go camping. To hold his hand. To ask him to reach the oil on the top shelf. And that's not a bad length of time if you ask me. 

We did have a GREAT weekend with each other, soaking up every moment we possibly could before he left.

We went rock-climbing on Friday!

**We thought we were going for fun, but man oh man, 
did we get a workout instead!**

**Baxter is going to miss his daddy, too**

 We then went to Seattle on Saturday for a revolving Sushi, which I had never been. The sushi place was alright, but my flowers I got were even better!!

**Nothing beats a beautiful bouquet of flowers, for $5!!!**

Even despite our beautiful weekend with each other, it was still hard to see him walk away, with tear-filled eyes yet again (all while I was crying my eyes out too). But enough tears have been shed. Time to move on and kick this deployment head on! I've already got my planner to fill with fun things for me to keep me busy, to have fun while he's gone, and to pass the time along. Like, finally running a 5k!; going to the movies with friends, and going home for the holidays!! 

So raise your glasses with me (here's your moment to pretend), for all the men and women on the Stennis, and their brave act of valor for ensuring our freedom here in the U.S. 

Love you my Sailor, my love! Go get 'er done!

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