Saturday, August 4, 2012

One year with Baxter

I know it may seem like the last couple of posts may seem like they are all about one year with this and two years of this...but forgive me, there are a lot of hallmarks for Adam and I that happen between the months of June-August. With that said, let me tell you what this hallmark is. 


I still remember the day we got him. We got him at an adoption festival in Tacoma at Pudget Sound University (what a beautiful campus they have there!!). We were initially going to the festival with intentions of just looking. Ha, you always know where that leads you right? Yes indeed, we sure did walk out of there with a pup, a cute pup at that too! One look at him, and I couldn't imagine him being with any other family besides us. Seeing his black fur, filled with the cutest, but most random parts of white was too much for me to bear; the cuteness meter was off the charts! haha. 

**August 4th, 2011, day one with Baxter**
Although he has proved to us (more me than Adam, because I am his primary caregiver when Adam is gone) to be a hassle, pest, and a nuesence, with having an expensive taste in eating my best/favorite pairs of shoes, peeing in the house (that one has been taken care of, but very rarely will occur), and not listening when we call him (which will definitely change while Adam is on this next deployment!!!), he is a great addition to our family. I remember why I love him so, when he snuggles with us at night, gets excited to see me when I'm off work, and is the best running partner, it's plain as day to me. 
 **10 weeks old**

**Always wanting to know what I'm doing and where I am**
 **Christmas 2011, Santa's little helper**
 **First beach trip**
 **We both experienced the snow for the first time together**
 **My companion**
 **My kitchen helper**
 **He loves to sleep in**
 **When he hurt his paw and had a cast**
 **Snuggles with Hulk on our road trip**

 **Excited after a visit to the dog park (I LOVE this photo of him!)**
 **His first Ferry ride to Seattle**

We love you Baxter and can't imagine our lives without you 
(although sometimes it's a fine line ;)


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