Friday, August 17, 2012

We Love Being Hosts & Hostesses!!

Last week we had visitors: Adam's parents. We haven't had any house guests in awhile, and  I love showing hospitality. His parents were able to squeeze in a trip to visit with us before Adam takes off on his 8 1/2 month deployment. We were very fortunate that it was able to work out. Although we only had 3 full days with them, we were able to pack in a bunch of funtivities in that amount of time. Here's what we did:

They arrived late Tuesday night, early morning Wednesday by the time we drove them to our home. Since we all had a late night, we decided to have a relaxed Wednesday. We took them to see our prospective house we are buying and then came home to have what I call a perfect summer lunch: Sloppy Joes over homemade rolls! Yummy! Then we watched some Olympics (of course!!) and then took them to mine and Adam's favorite town, Poulsbo, because we had to show them our favorite bakery, Sluy's! Of course, right?!? You all recognize the name of this bakery, since I take every visiting guests there.

**They are home to these delicious devils: Viking Cups. The most delicious thing ever!**

We were all so full of our yummy treats, that none of us were hungry for dinner. We then took a walk along the water with Baxter and collected sea shells. Instead of going straight home, we went along side of the main rode (before you get into the military housing) and gathered some wild flowers for an arrangement for the dining room table. It turned out quite nice.

 **Collecting sea shells. Everyone participated except Adam. What a sport, right.**

 **Our arrangements of wildflowers**

Thursday marked the start of our first "busy" day of "sight-seeing." We planned to go to Mt. Ranier, which was something that Adam nor I have done since we've lived here, however, we didn't leave before we had a yummy breakfast of Overnight French Toast. It came out good and delicious, thankfully. Hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea to serve before we were going hiking, but at least we were doing something that could burn off the calories! None of us complained ;D
(recipe will come on this weekend's post). After we scrapped our plates clean, we headed for the big ol' mountain. Our cell phone gps's lead us to the neighboring mountain, instead of Mt. Ranier itself, but we were fine with that for numerous reasons. 1) We found a great hiking trail that was Baxter friendly! 2) We had great views of the mountain all along our hike and our drive. 3) We didn't have to pay an entry fee! 4) We could bring Baxter with us, because on the trails on the actual mountain, you can't bring pets! So it all worked out just fine. 

 **Mt. Ranier**
 **Our hiking scenery**

 **Baxter lead the way!**
 **Too pretty not to add**
 **Yes, we had to walk through snow at one point! 
And yes, we DID have a snow ball fight in August!**
**The gang, minus me of course, during our hike**

 **This is currently my favorite picture. I love Adam's face!**

 **What it was meant to be ;)**

On our way home we decided to stop at Point Defiance Park. I love this park, because the views are glorious, and we thought we'd share the treasure with them!

**Tacoma Narrows Bridge view from Point Defiance Park**

On Friday we had a combo of a relaxed/busy day. Friday was the only day I had to work. So I worked 6-2, while Adam gave his parents a tour of the ship. After work I came home to my lovely, traditional birthday flowers. 

**A tradition 24 years in the making. 24 flowers for every year I have been a blessing. ♥ **

We then headed off on the ferry to Seattle. We walked around Pikes Place and then had a wonderful birthday dinner at Ivar's, followed by a delicious Cold Stone treat. What a night! 

 **My birthday-eve was fabulous!**

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and will look forward to visiting with them together next summer!


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