Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cork Magnets

Here's a five minute craft for you to fill in with what you have left of your weekend. 

Have any corks lying around? 

Here's a perfect project for you to decorate your fridge with! 

Cork Magnets!!

You'll need:
  • Corks
  • Magnets
  • Something sharp to cut the corks in half {sharp scissors, a sharp knife, an exacto knife. You'll just need something sharp. If you can't tell, that's the key!}
Yes, that is all you'll need folks!

To Do:
  1. Cut each cork in half with your sharp tool. 
  2. Place a magnet on the back (you may have to cut your magnet a little so it won't show)
BAM! You're done!

Note: The magnets I used, I already had on hand. And apparently, they aren't actually strong enough to hold something to the fridge.....BUT I'm ok with that. They are just cute to be on my fridge! You can make your choice to get stronger magnets.

**My cork magnets**

 I love the rustic vibe they portray!

Hope your weekend is going smooth!

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