Monday, September 3, 2012

Every Heartache Makes You Stronger

Folks, it's been one week since I said "See you soon" to my dear hubby. ONE WEEK!! I don't know where the week went, but if you find it could you please let me know? I am kidding when I say where the week went, but it just went by so fast. Really, truly, and honestly it did! It wouldn't have been of course without a couple of reasons 1) my trusty little, NEW planner and 2) GOD!!! Let me explain them both. 

1) God. I don't want to sound so cliche, but God totally has guided both Adam and I through this first week of separation. Seriously, honestly, and truthfully He has. I can't deny it or give any other thing or person the claim; it's been Him, utterly and completely. As I look back over this past week I see God there, getting me through each and every day, even during the moments when I thought I would lose it, there He came to my rescue and kept me distracted, busy, and with fellowship at most times. Let me kind of walk you briefly through my week.

Monday: It was the hardest, hands down. I didn't know how I was going to get through the day, constantly throughout the day. Work wasn't that good of a distraction, and after work, I really felt like I needed some companion to help get me through, but I am glad that all of my friends were busy. Why? Because it forced me to face the day on my own, and make me that much more stronger, and rely on Him more. 

Tuesday: After work I went to Collision at church, which was game night. Perfect! Somehow a group of fun people, along with Scattergories and Bananagrams just compliment each other well! Loved that night. 

Wednesday: Both Baxter and I got some fellowship! We hung out with my friend Kylie and her Dachsund, Dash. We were going to go to the movies, but decided on just hanging out instead. It really was what I needed, and Bax, too. Sometimes I tend to forget that he misses Adam, too, and needs some doggy dates. So glad he has a friend in Dash (sometimes Dash needs a break from Bax, but you know... ;) It was so cute, because Bax was SO sad to see them leave. He kept looking out the door and back at me like, "Where'd they go mom? Are they coming back? Why'd they leave us?" Broke my little fur-parent heart. This was his expression:

**Sad to see his friend go home for the night**

Thursday: Got to talk to the hubs on the phone! Plus, I was busy preparing Cinnamon rolls for work the following morning. Great Thursday night distraction in the midst: baking for coworkers!

Friday: Got to talk to Adam on the phone and via Skype most of the day, with one session with his parents, my parents, my grandparents, and brother! AWESOME! Also, my first day back at running!! Felt good to feel the burn!

Saturday: I read my book in the field while Baxter explored, went Blackberry pickng, and made 3 batches of jam...all...night...long. Didn't eat dinner until 945pm because I was jammin' so much haha. BUT, it was a great distraction! 

**Our supply of Blackberry Jam**

**Baxter went pickin' too!**

Sunday: Went to church with Kylie (great to have someone to sit with when he's gone!), first morning helping out with junior high group (and realized: boys will be boys haha), and had some AMAZING fellowship with Kylie and our friend Meaghan. We talked the night away...seriously! It was my latest night up in a long while, and my bed time is early!!

Monday: I had a relaxing day. Did stuff around the house, finished my book for my book club, went for a run, and made a bomb dinner!

God just filled my week up, perfectly to say so, with just the right distractions that He knew would get my through. Love him and LOVE his promises that He won't ever give us more than what we can handle. I am bare testament to that folks. I've seen it, and it's so true. There's hope for the rest of XX amount of weeks ahead {seriously, I don't even know what those X's are covering up- no official return date yet}.

One area that of the week that I really want to point out is on Thursday-Friday. I was praying that Adam would be able to get overnight leave while they were in San Diego, so that he would have one last visit with his family. God willing, he was able to. I was and still am, SO happy for his sake that he got this opportunity! And guess what?!? Not only did he get to see his family, this is who all he got to see:

His mom, dad, my mom, my dad, my brother, one of his grandma's, his parent's neighbor, and also his aunt, uncle and cousin in Oceanside, who he has not seen since Christmas of '10!! 

I pointed out to him when we talked that night before his liberty expired, how truly blessed he was to see that many people, all on a whim's notice {because he literally found out he got that time off on Wednesday}. My prayers were heard, really they were. I wanted him to have that last bit of encouragement before the deployment became "real" and they were in the middle east, and God just poured his blessings down, so graciously. I am so thankful that Adam got this opportunity, because he truly was encouraged! God does hear our prayers. I am continually reminded of this, and continually have to keep reminding myself of this, so I don't stop the prayers! And on that note, THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS!!!! We truly are thankful for all of you who are praying us through this deployment. We are thankful, thankful, thankful for you and your prayers! Keep 'em coming!

2) My planner: I bought this planner the night before Adam left for deployment. We are at Target buying the last bit of goods he would need for his journey (see how I'm making this separation sound fun), and I wandered over to the office section, hoping I'd find one that would call out my name. This one totally did. And with the price, $3.99, it was calling me even more!! ;D Let me just make one disclaimer before I go on much further. I am not. I repeat, am NOT a planner-type girl. I don't have to look in my planner to see if I can pencil you in (and I'm not degrading those that do), I've just never been able to keep up with using a planner. I'll use it consistently for about a week, if that, and all goes down hill pretty quickly. So with that said, I'm a changed woman. This planner has gotten me through this week, and will continue to get me through. Here is my plan: I have planned out my vacations home for the holidays, my workouts, hangouts with friends (that were already mentioned), all the way to planning out when I will do crafts that are on my to-do list. Yes folks, you DID read that right. I have planned out things from crafts, to painting my toe nails each week, to Baxter's training classes (more on that next weekend), to skype dates. Before you think I have taken this too far, let me explain my reasoning. I'm planning out everything, literally everything, so that I can have things to physically see (since I'm a visual learner) and also have something to look back on when I'm feeling a tad bit low and below. See, isn't this awesome. Adam just makes fun of me, but I'm happy about it! It also has a map of the world in the back of it, so I can track where they go! It fits in my purse and we go everywhere together. Plus I LOVE the design of it.!! 

**My new BFF during this deployment** 

On my run tonight, the song by Lady Antebellum, One Day You Will popped up on Pandora, and the lyrics were encouraging to me. The chorus in particular:

"But down the road the sun is shining
In every cloud there's a silver lining
Just keep holding on (just keep holding on).
And every heartache makes you stronger
But it won't be much longer
You'll find love, you'll find peace
And the you you're meant to be
I know right now that's not the way you feel
But one day you will."
**Courtesy of:**

Oh, and here's the song for you to listen to:

So with the help of God, and my handy-dandy planner, I've made it through week 1. Here's to making it through week 2!!


  1. Jasmine- I LOVE your idea of "scheduling" things you want to do such as crafts and stuff!I totally need to "scuedule" my day, maybe I'll be more productive that way!

  2. Jennie, it actually works! I look at my lovely planner, and I really do fit those things into my day, even if it means I don't get something else done (like cleaning wise) because I'm scheduling a ME thing :D