Sunday, September 23, 2012

Go Cougars!!!

This past weekend I finally got to hangout with my old college roommate, Joanna. After 2 weeks of rescheduling our visit {the first time there was a schedule mishap, the second time I missed the ferry {typical me}} we finally got to see each other--WOW, what a thought! haha It worked out perfectly, because the weekend that finally worked out, our Alum APU, was playing Central Washington University in Football. So we went to check out the game. Fortunately, there were fires where it was orginally supposed to be held in Ellensburg, so the game got moved an 1 1/2 hours closer in Bothel, just a ways from her apartment. SCORE! {I mean this jokingly, but it did work out that we didn't have to drive a ways}. So, we put on our gear, got our cheering voices ready {thinking that we would be the only fans here in WA}, and to our amazing surprise, we weren't! There were a bunch of folks reppin' the good ol' Cougars! Double Score! It would have been a tripple score if they would have won, but they were missing some of their best players, so they lost. Oh well. It felt so fun to go to a game, since I never made it to a game during the 2.5 years I went to APU {I guess I'm making up for lost time}. I can't wait to go to a game next season with Adam!! 

**Go COUGARS!!!**


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