Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Tuesday Night Excitement

Ok, so for the BIG REVEAL of why I was so excited for Tuesday night this week: 

Yes friends, it's all about a show: Parenthood. It is my FAVORITE show right now. It's so good, so real, all while being comical and down to earth. It's everything that I would be in a tv show, except more comedy....but we can't have it all. 

I took a nap today to prepare for the late night. I mean, for "normal" people, it wouldn't be considered a late night, but for me and my household, Baxter is mad when he is not in his kennel by 10pm latest. So staying up real late to watch a show from 10-11pm, that's commitment!!! ;D

But come on, give me a break, I've only watched, commutative, 2 hours of tv since Adam has been gone, and this would make my grand total 3 hours in over 2 weeks. That's pretty good if you ask me, considering that last deployment, by now I would have watched over 100 (honestly) in tv and more so in movies. FOR.REAL. I wasn't working and wasn't as prepared with distractions. So ya, I'm staying up late tonight, and you can laugh if you want. But me, I'm gonna go tune in...........now!! :D

Sweet Dreams all!!

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