Sunday, September 16, 2012

Off Days

Some days aren't your day. I mean, they may start off wonderful, but how do they spiral down so quickly? Who knows. All I know is that my friends over at DQ really know what it takes to get me some-what back to my happy place. 

 **Nothing like a blizzard to turn your day around!**

That and watching the movie Killers, with Kathrine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher; always makes me laugh! But between the ucky moments in my day, there was a little moment worth sharing. 

I caught a glimpse of this photo earlier. I was packing up some of our stuff yesterday morning before I went to the auction and left some of the picture frames on the couch to pack up later. Well it was sitting out this morning and I saw it. The picture made me think. Looking at this picture, you can really tell that these two people, which happen to be us, are so in love. I'm 100% in love with his expression to me, and my sense of pure happiness is so evident {I don't mean this to come across as cocky, it's just that some pictures really can capture it}.

This picture reminded me that we were so in love and happy with each other, that we married and vowed to each other that we would always love each other--no matter what. And you know, we have reached a few whats with the navy, but that vow and promise will always remain! We were in love and STILL are in love, probably more so than at this moment. He is such a huge blessing to me. He really is. And some days when I don't think I deserve him, I know that God absolutely blessed me with him. I just thank him for choosing me. {tear tear from writing this}.

 Can you find the little "happy" moment in your day?