Monday, September 24, 2012

One Month Down

One month down and X more to go. Really folks, I don't know what the X entails myself. All I know is we have one month in the bag. Score!!

The highlights of Month Numero Uno:

  • My first season of canning Blackberry Jam--yummy!
  • Sent out Adam's first care package: I'm Blue Without You theme
  • Started back at the good ol' gym, alongside running every other day
  • Went to the Puyallup Fair and saw Jamie Grace AND Toby Mac!!
  • Bax started his training classes! On the road to being well-behaved.
  • Went to my Alum's football game against CWU. Go Cougars!!
Over the course of this last month, I've been really diggin' The Band Perry. If you haven't heard of them, heard any of their music- shame on you! They have slowly become one of my favorite bands. You might of heard some of their more popular songs on the radio, like If I Die Young or You Lie, but this one doesn't always get played, and it's my FAV!! It's called Hip to my Heart. Love everything about it. Enjoy it! :D

Looking forward to an exciting month #2, 
filled with fun, adventure, good times, and crafts. 
Can't wait!


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