Friday, September 7, 2012

Ship's Ahoy: My Sailor's First Care Package

Last deployment I kind of slacked on sending good care packages. I mean, I sent him stuff regularly, but I didn't make them cute, or put much effort into them. Now before you count me as a bad wife, Adam doesn't care about those things. I mean it may be cute to send him a party hat for his birthday, poppers for New Years, but if I know he will just throw it away, then I'm not going to waste my money or my efforts. But with that said, this deployment I still wanted to make more of an effort, but on things I know he will utilize. So, I've decided to send one package a month, because let's be honest, it adds up! I mean what you put in the box may not cost that much, but by the time you pay for shipping, dang it's crazy! So one package a month, with a theme for each month. Cute, eh? 

Today I sent out my Sailor's first care package!!! The theme: I'm blue without you. Before you think that I sent a sappy care package, let me explain my reasoning for this theme, just like I did for Adam in his letter. I wanted this to be his first theme for a couple of different reasons. Mainly, I just wanted to remind him that he is missed. I am blue without him, and will always be when he's not around. With that said, however, that doesn't mean that I am sitting on the couch each night, eating cookie dough from a tube, watching sappy romance movies, in my yoga pants, balling my eyes out because I miss him too much. No. I just wanted to get the point across, that he's missed. I care so much for him, that I would have reason to be blue without his presence. So I gave him reasons to feel joy when he's feeling blue. That right there was my point, which is why I wanted to start it off that way.

Here were some of my cutsie decorations for this care package:

 **Came up with this idea all on my own: Ships Ahoy cookies. 
Perfect snack for a Sailor**
**Other sneak peaks of my decorations on the box**

I also gave him words that stand for J:

J is for Joy
J is for Jolly
J is for Jehovah
J is for re"joice"
J is for Jasmine (of course)

Just thought I'd share a tad of my theme package for September.
Happy weekend to you all!

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