Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 3, Thanks for the Awesome Start!!!

I've already had the best end to my second week away from Adam, and the best beginning to week 3. Why? Oh, because I got to talk to Adam on the phone! Although we were chatting most of it away like we were standing right next to each other, it was so nice to just hear his voice! I didn't even feel like I needed that extra little boost today, but I guess I did. I guess God had that in mind for my day, and I am SO glad that He did. I mean, I'll take any opportunity I can get, but sometimes I just hate using telephones as our means of communication when he's away. Why you ask? For many reasons, but let me share a few reasons with you:
  1. IT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!!!! I mean it really is. It is so unfair, unjust, and makes me angry. Phone companies NEED to make an end to this. For all their service to our country, and they make a 10-15 minute call cost as much as my phone bill for one month!!!! ugh!
  2. I'll be right in the middle of telling him something funny in my day, and BAM! that stupid lady has to come on and cut me off, and say "You have 60 seconds left of your phone call", thus, I'm cut off and have to immediately use that last minute for I love you and good bye. UGH!!!! I seriously hate that automated lady. Like seriously. 
  3. You never know when that call may come. Seriously this is annoying. I mean it's not that annoying, but you always have to have your phone on you. Because let me tell you how many times I have brought my phone every where with me, AND THAT ONE TIME I don't bring it. BAM! there's a miss call from "Unknown." And yes, that does make the angry water works come out. 
So next time you are feeling frustrated about not getting to talk to your Significant Other, think about having to deal with these things each time you get a call, which for me is about every 2 weeks give or take. 
Ok, enough of that rant and back to how killer this week was.

Seriously, I don't know what it is, but time is just flying by for me {and I really don't know if it's just me}. The past two weeks, have just zoomed on by. I have been gifted with blessed distractions, that are consuming my time just enough for me to not have felt any bit of lasting loneliness; God is so good!! I know I have a bunch of prayer warriors out there praying for Adam and I, but I'm really feeling your prayers-Thanks!!! He really is so good. I mean, there have been brief moments of me feeling lonely, but what is so awesome, is that I HAVE THE POWER to stay busy. The moment I feel that way, I just say ok, on to my next thing, and I stay distracted for the rest of the night and then look back and say "um. Where did my day just go. Thank you God for getting me through this day!"

A couple of highlights in week 2:
  1. Week 2 began the first week back to the gym since Adam has been back. Although a couple things came up in the week, I went twice and it definitely welcomed me back, ie. I felt the burn!! So now I run a 5k every other day and on that other day I go to the gym, taking one {or two days off, depending on my schedule}. 
  2. I sent out Adam's first care package of the deployment. See more on that here.  
  3. Baxter started training classes!! More on that here
  4. I brought my first meal as a SBC Kitchen Angel {the meals group at my church}, to a family that just had their second child. It was fun to bless a family with a home-cooked meal.
I am REALLY looking forward to week 3. I have some fun things planned {in my planner of course} and I can't WAIT for those days! Specifically Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Won't be saying just yet what those things are, you'll just have to tune in here to find out. :D

Also, today was our first day of rain in 48 days. Why do I know this? Because apparently when you state goes without rain, it's A BIG DEAL and you just know about it. haha. I guess Fall is in our midst? SO with that said, I'm gonna start putting more soups on my menus, especially since Adam is gone and soup doesn't really fill him up. Excited about that {but not that he's gone}. 

I hope you are relying on God to get you through your good and bad days. Believe me when I say, He can get you through anything. And I mean anything! I'm learning to rely on Him more and more, and you can too. Give it to Him, and you'll be amazed and how strong he'll show you, you really are!

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