Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crafty Crafts

I haven't shared much of the crafts projects I have made recently. Gotta share these ones, because I just LOVE 'em!!

 **Re purposed the bottles on the right, to be wrapped with yarn. Bam! You can't tell they're dirty, and they're super cute! Can't wait to use it as a table decoration!**

 **K is for Kylie. Love how this project turned out for her birthday!!**

**My fave of all is the Scrabble coasters I made. Saw the idea on Pinterest, but there were no instructions. SO....with a long trip to Michaels {discussing the best possible way to do this with the manager of the store..haha...it turned out fabulous!!}**

Can't wait for my projects this week! Tune in later for them! 

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