Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quite the Weekend

This weekend was jammed pack with intense, crazy, rediculous fun! I don't know if you can quite possibly imagine what my weekend entailed from this description, so I will unfold it for you. 

For the past month I have started to volunteer with the youth group at my church as a leader. This weekend was their weekend retreat, Refuel, to a camp, pretty much down the street from our church. Yes, now you know why in the description is says crazy. It was crazy, but it all the good ways crazy can mean. It was crazy as in exhausting, fun, intense, and at some points insane, but the weekend was rejuvenating for me, spiritually. The topic for the retreat was "Warriors," based from Ephesians 6:10-18 on the armor of God. Sometimes it takes hearing a message tuned down to youth for you to truly comprehend how real and serious spiritual warfare is, when you believe. 

On Saturday I had to leave camp for a few hours to go and run my first ever 5k race, let alone first ever {and definitely NOT last} 5k Mudrun!!!! I've been looking forward to this since I signed up for it. I ran with a group from my church. We were team sequins!! Overall, the race was a blast. It seriously was AMAZING!! I thought I prepared really well for the running aspect of the race {I've gotten my mile time down to a great time and some techniques I've been trying to work on}, but I wasn't quite prepared for the upper body strength needed for some of the obstacles. With that said, however, I thought I rocked it with a time of under 1 hour! Most of the time was due to waiting in line for my turn to complete the obstacles. But it was just SO fun! By the 10th muddy water pool, I just went for it with a big splash. From climbing over walls that lead straight to a mud-water pool, to crawling through mud that's clay consistency that gets you muddy up to your thighs, to carrying 2,10 pound military cases, to climbing across ropes, etc. I just felt like a tough-chick. Can't wait for my next one!!!! :D

 **Before and after pictures of the mud run**

 **Team Pink Sequins**

**Of course I had to finish with a bang: jumping over fire.**

As soon as I finished the race, I had to race back to camp and clean up-which was a project all on its own. I only had about 15 minutes to shower, and with how dirty I was, that was pushing it. Why the rush to get clean? Oh, because I was scheduled to do the ropes course at 1pm. So I cleaned up and made it over there right on time. I haven't completed a ropes course in a long time, emphasis on the long. It's a been a good while since I've done it, which is why I was super stoked this camp offered it! It was super fun!! My day couldn't have gotten any better, with all the activities that took place!!

**Completed a ropes course, check**

All-in-all, as you can now see, my weekend was hands down, exactly what I needed. I needed a dose of some crazy fun, and that's exactly what I received! For being my first camp volunteering with the youth group, it was spectacular to get to know some of the kids and staff better, in a location that was perfect for it. To top this amazing weekend off, when I came home and checked the mail, I received a letter from one of my closest friends, Della. Love that girl! 

Hope your weekend was just as cool as mine {it probably wasn't, but just had to say it to be nice} ;D

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