Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Steps to our Future

So many excited things have been happening in our lives, behind the scenes, from what I've disclosed on my (our) blog. So basically.....


It may come as a surprise to you, but I didn't want to disclose any of the process until it was all official, with every detail. It was so hard to keep it a secret, but it was so worth it, because now you get a bunch of crazy excitement from us (me) all at once!! And now you will get it along the way throughout our renovation and DIY projects! Lucky you! 

Here is a little background info on our home: 

  • It was a short sale [taking us one week short of 7 months to process--that's a long kept secret!!]
  • It's a manufactured home on a 1.25 acres!! 
  • 4 bedrooms and an office 
  • 2 bathrooms 
  • Perfect for my already thought of garden and chickens [when Adam comes home!!] 
  • Perfect space for our pup to explore and play!
  • Perfect for a crafty soul such as myself, with all the DIYs needed
So last Friday I signed all the paperwork--so it was semi-official. It was a bummer not having Adam there, but he was definitely thought of with the amount of times I had to sign my name, his name [and since I was using a POA, I had to sign his name, by my name, his attorney-in-fact EACH AND EVERY TIME, along with the date for both of us] Yes, that got old quick, but there wasn't as much as I thought and what people had warned me of. It actually was oddly fun. 

 **The last and final paper I signed, that led to the end result: home-ownership!!**

 Obviously signing papers for our future house calls for some sort of celebration, right?!!? So what better way to celebrate, than to spend it with some family-Adam's Aunt and Uncle and cousins in Bellingham. Couldn't have arrived on a better weekend. We had a blast from carving pumpkins, to watching the kids chase Bax, to going to the touch pools by the harbor, and going out for Mexican! The kids are great and it was fun to talk handy-projects with Adam's aunt, who is super excited [and I am so grateful] is coming down to help me paint this next weekend. I'm actually looking forward to painting!! eekkk!! :D 

 **Pumpkin carving**

**This is gruesomely awesome!!**

 **We should get an award...these are awesome!**

 **A 36 pound Octopus-definitely isn't claustrophobic, as he's crammed in that corner**

 **We laughed and said this starfish had to go potty**

 **Never have I seen a purple starfish--I want one!!**

Today was also a special day in our journey of home-ownership, because it is now OFFICIAL, with the county, the bank, and everything: I got to pick up the keys to our home today!!!!! SO EXCITING!! I waited to open the envelope to right before bible study, and had my friend picture document my opening of the envelope. This was so Adam could see my excitement and be more apart of the moment. What a fun night. Here is the official picture reveal:

**The official envelope...**
 **Getting distracted while opening...**

**What's inside...**

 **Peeking in...**

**Hmmm....what are those??!!??...**


 **The process in short-story format [not my typical style lol]

This is our first home, our first dive into having a mortgage, our first real plunge into being "grown-up." This is where we plan to live, laugh, love, grow, learn: to ultimately live our lives for the next few years. We're so grateful for the blessings we've been bestowed and we can't look up to God and be any more thankful for this opportunity than we already are. He is SO good.

I promise that pictures of the actual house will come-probably on Thursday since I have nothing planned. DON'T FREAK OUT, they will come!!!

♥ your very own homeowner,

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  1. I am SO SO SO happy for you!!! Can't wait to send a house warming gift, and see photos!!!! Hope you put up paint colors I can't wait to see :D I've been praying for you guys (you're on my daily list!) and I'm so so glad that this deployment is being so good to you both it definitely comes from you both leaning on the Lord and giving the praise to him in everything you do! You're both such an inspiration and a great example of a Godly couple!