Friday, October 5, 2012

Sunshine Carepackage

Has it really been a month since I was preparing my first care package to my Sailor??!!?? Yes sir, it has! So with that said, my theme for this second care package is: 

Sending some Sunshine your way!

 **I used these items** 

 Using these items, that all relate to the sun in some way, I put together a ray of sunshine that is {as of 4pm today}, heading towards Adam. All these items either provide heat, cool off, or are just a fun snack to eat on a nice sun-shiney day. 

**I even broke down and wrote him an old-school letter, not just our typical email!** 

 **I sealed that letter up with a kiss, with plenty of kisses to spare him awhile.** 

 **Topped off the whole package, with a home-made sunshine card, so the first things he sees is sun!!** 

 Now it's good to go! Couldn't be a cuter package.

Can't wait to start collecting items for my next themed package!! 
So excited for this one!


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